Spotted: Nissan Skyline Kenmeri GTR

We just spotted this genuine Nissan Kenmeri GTR coming up at USS Nagoya this Friday. For those unfamiliar with the Kenmeri GTR you maybe surprised to hear that this model is often touted as the most sought after Skyline in Japan. This JDM icon carries serious kudos Worldwide with international buyers trying to own a piece of GTR automotive history.

Graded as R (accident repaired) it will still attract a serious number of buyers as finding a non accident repaired car of this age is almost unheard of. In fact many will have been written off over the years and with only 197 ever produced you can start to appreciate how rare these cars are today.

With a genuine 59225kms and the original S20 engine its no wonder the starting bid is an eye watering 21 mill JPY (£146,000 GBP or $188,000 USD at todays’ exchange rate). However we expect to see this fetch in the realms of £200,000 should there be no nasty surprises upon inspection. First impressions are positive however with signs of a recent restoration being undertaken.

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