Fujitsubo’s new FK2 Titanium exhaust system

Despite recently having been superseded by the FK8, it’s fair to say the FK2 is still a relatively new car to the market. With both of Honda’s latest Type R’s utilising the newly developed K20C1 turbo charged power plant, aftermarket parts manufacturers are investing plenty of time looking at ways to improve performance.

Turbo charged vehicles typically respond well to a more efficient, less restrictive exhaust and the FK2 would appear to be no exception, with healthy gains made by simply changing the standard system out.

You can imagine our excitement then, when Fujitsubo announced at the start of the year they had something special on the horizon for the FK2. The level of experience and consideration that goes into all their systems, coupled with superb build quality was always going to produce something great. The finished product is the best we’ve seen to date!

The new Authorize RM+c exhaust is an entirely titanium, axle back exhaust system complete with carbon fibre exhaust tips. Being entirely titanium, the system only weighs 5.1kg, versus the 9.4kg OE system, offering a substantial saving in weight.

It also offers that unique rasp that you only get from a titanium system. Check out the video below to hear it in action…

True to form, Fujitsubo carried out a dyno run before and after on their test vehicle and found that whilst peak power was 294bhp @ 6330rpm beforehand, the car produced 306bhp @ 6150rpm and also displayed a healthy increase in torque once the system was fitted.

Being an axle back system its suitable for both RHD and LHD FK2’s, which ensures our European friends don’t miss out.

As European distributors we were fortunate enough to receive this cracking exhaust from Fujitsubo’s first production run. The rest had sold to the Japanese market exceptionally quickly, such is the popularity of these systems in Japan.

After a brief conversation with serial Honda enthusiast Stuart ‘Dotty’ Dott, it became apparent he was keen to be one of the first in the UK to give the system a go. One early morning drive and copious amounts of coffee later, the system was on Stu’s newly acquired Champ White FK2.

First impressions were excellent. The exhaust note was much deeper and more purposeful than standard. The system burbles away on idle and with a blip of the throttle, offers an exhaust note that is far better suited to the FK2’s muscular styling than the subdued, standard one.

The exhaust tips and their carbon garnishes complement the standard gloss black diffuser nicely. The slightly staggered position of the tips is similar to that of the OE tail pipes, following the slight curvature of the diffuser so as not to protrude.

After driving home and having the chance to really live with the exhaust for a few hours, would Stu recommend the system to others?

“Without a doubt… It’s a great piece of kit!”

Check out the Fujitsubo range here and remember if there’s an application we haven’t listed we can probably get it so drop us a line!

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