Dealer Cars: V-spec II NUR (R1)

A serious Nissan Skyline R34 GTR has just become available at a Japanese dealer. From what we know so far this is a V-spec II NUR with 26,957kms and has the R1 conversionĀ carried out at the famous Nissan Omori Factory in Japan. This will be without question a pretty penny in today’s BNR34 market but its certainly a stunner!



70005516403016101700100 0551640a30161017w00101 0551640a30161017w00102 0551640a30161017w00103 0551640a30161017w00113 0551640a30161017w00114 0551640a30161017w00115 0551640a30161017w00118 0551640a30161017w00107 0551640a30161017w00108 0551640a30161017w00106 0551640a30161017w00105 0551640a30161017w00104 0551640a30161017w00111 0551640a30161017w00110


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