JDM Combe 2017

Early morning starts can be hard work but when fuelled with the knowledge you’re going to be driven to Castle Combe in a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nür, it seems to be effortless.

As I arrive at the M5 services for my Torque GT rendevous, breaking the early morning silence were a group of like-minded fanatics in Evo’s also making their way to JDM Combe.

Then I heard it, the rumble of my Millennium Jade taxi arriving. Even in the low light it looked stunning. A quick coffee and we were on our way, my senses overwhelmed by the sound of this car; it felt as if I was sitting on the exhaust.

As we approached Castle Combe, the proportion of JDM machinery increased considerably. On arrival at the circuit the Nür was ushered to it’s home for the day where it came to a halt amongst the best of the best. It’s company didn’t disappoint.

Once media accreditation was sorted out I was faced with the question…what to do first? A bacon sarnie was fairly high on the list of priorities but suddenly I became very distracted by ‘A BEUT’. Steve the proud owner of this fantastic NSX apparently converted it from more of a track focused car to one which was more suitable for UK roads. Although this incarnation will likely split many NSX purists opinions it was a serious contender for my car of the day.

Cars within the best of the best display were a sight to behold. As well as the Nür and a very special NSX there was a weird and wonderful collection including a R33 GT-R pickup (GT-P), a yellow Datsun 260Z, an intensely pink 350Z, Mugen RR and a gorgeous Celica Liftback 2000 GT (RA28) amongst many others.

After soaking in the initial impact of sheer JDM variety it was off to Camp Corner to shoot some track action, firstly a ‘run what you brung’ session. From low to high displacement, FWD, RWD, AWD, it was great to see a real mix of metal unleashed.

For the Drifting, threatening rain clouds loomed but instead clouds of tyre smoke enveloped the crowds. Fully lit up with rubber flying they flicked out of the apex one by one, what a sight!

Following this, the bleak sky had surrendered to sunlight, enabling all the pristine vehicles on display show and shine. My eyes were hit by an array of blue wings and vents as Somerset Scooby’s were out in force. Contrasting to this, Mitsubishi Lancer Register (MLR) had a superb range of ‘Evolution’ to marvel.


Appreciating the attention to detail the owners devote to their cars presents a unique identity that tells a story of dedication. It’s a great way to present as an individual or group.

Fortunately the rain held off throughout the day. At Quarry Corner I felt much closer to the action as the Drifters rhythmically hooned past at ludicrous angles, often engulfed in smoke.

After the final drift session for the day people started to head home, leaving Castle Combe with a last hurrah of rasping and burbling combustion echoing off into the distance in true JDM style. All in all a fantastic day out!


Words & Photos: Jacob Ashworth

Thanks to…

Mitsubishi Lancer Register

GTR owners club

Somerset Scooby’s

The perfect Honda NSX?

Anyone who’s followed us over the past 16 years will be aware of our huge respect for Honda. From the lightweight EK9 to the flagship NSX, Honda have produced some cracking cars over the years and the latter is where we’re focusing our attention today.

Fast approaching 30 years since its release NSXs are arguably held in even higher regard today than all those years ago. Produced in relatively low numbers very few actually change hands which is a true testament to how enjoyable they are to own.

Honda’s brief to produce an everyday supercar was certainly met as the NSX is a car you can literally drive every day with little worry of big bills around the corner. Our good friend Mike at Minutia Detailing can attest to this with his daily Daytona yellow NA2 previously owned by Jenson Button. Now covering over 167,000 miles it still runs on the original clutch!

So how could Honda possibly improve on this superb everyday super car?  Presenting the Honda NSX Type S…

For those unaware the NSX-S ever existed would be excused. Released exclusively for the Japanese domestic market in limited numbers of 248 the chances of seeing one in the flesh are really very slim. This special edition has often been described as the perfect mix between the base model and NSX-R. Blending everyday driving with a more focused driving experience, a more refined Type R if you like.

Released shortly after the displacement hike in 1997 (3000cc to 3200cc) the NSX-S also came in 45kgs lighter than the base model bringing the overall kerb weight down to 1,320 kg. This weight saving was helped in part by the Type S specific BBS lightweight aluminium wheels and beautiful carbon-kevlar RECARO half leather seats.

A 6-speed manual transmission was favoured to suit the more powerful engine helped by strengthened gaskets, crankshaft pins, and piston pins. A stainless steel exhaust manifold, dual-mass flywheel, 16 inches brake rotors, and stiffer suspension also came as standard from the factory, as did a mesh design engine cover (like the Type R) and a coloured roof.

At 10.357 million yen it was the most expensive NSX sold in Japan to date. But was it worth it? If the performance improvements haven’t convinced you then the stunning Monte Carlo blue pearl and BBS alloys on this stunner we sourced for a customer surely will. But the all important question remains… how does it drive?

Although a fabulous allrounder, occasionally I’ve felt a little disconnected with the base model NSX but also a little broken after longer outings in the uncompromising NSX-R. In contrast the Type S lives up to the hype and boasts the perfect balance between the two models. Sharper handling and improved throttle response literally transforms the driving experience from the base model. Plus the more supple suspension and increased sound deadening help create a far more comfortable ride than the NSX-R. 

Does that mean I’d prefer to own a Type S over an NSX-R? The answer would have to be no. Personally I see the NSX as more of a weekend toy rather than something I’d commute in every day. There’s something so special about dropping into the same model that Senna smashed around Suzuka. For these reasons alone the NSX-R appeals to myself more. However, for anyone looking for that special ‘everyday’ NSX the NSX Type S reigns supreme…

Auction Report 31/5/17

Check our top picks for this week’s Japanese car auctions along with auction sheet translations and sold data for last week’s picks. We begin proceedings with a NISMO edition R35 GTR…

Nissan R35 GTR NISMO edition

A seemingly brand new NISMO edition GTR is heading to auction this week. With 62kms from new it appears to have been driven out the factory and straight to the auction house. The driver still managed to catch the front lip from looking at the auction sheet! Based on previous data expect it to fetch BIG money, we anticipate a hammer figure of around 16 mill JPY. Check back next week for the auction sheet translation and results…

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Honda NSX

This grade 4B Honda NSX makes a good first impression. Manual with black leather and a genuine 54,538kms from new this NSX should attract plenty of interest. The question, does it live up to the auction sheet? We’ll report back with our findings in next week’s report…

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Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec

Sought after V-spec model, Grade 4.5A and a genuine 10,041kms from new are all headlines that will attract masses of interest. Such is the high demand for collectible R34 GTRs low mileage examples lead the way. We’d expect this R34 GTR V-spec to fetch in the region of 7 mill JPY at auction. We’ll report back with the exact price data next week.

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Mitsubishi Evolution V GSR

This Evolution 5 caught our eye for a couple of reasons. Firstly Pyrenees black has become a very tricky colour to source in recent years and when they eventually do turn up the paintwork has usually seen better days. However after observing the corresponding auction sheet there appears to be only 2 or 3 bodywork issues that might require minor attention. But as we always insist, the importance lies with our team’s inspection. The sheer amount of times we’ve inspected grade 4 cars that should have been marked far lower is considerable. Hopefully this example is as good as it looks!

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Mazda RX7 Spirit R(A)

The Mazda RX7 Spirit R is a car that consistently catches our eye. Although far from the best we’ve seen this Spirit R actually looks in reasonable shape considering its age and mileage. Grade 3.5B with 152,246kms will lessen the interest but this is where a potential bargain maybe had. We still anticipate a hammer figure in excess of 2 mill JPY but for a rare model such as this it could indeed be money well spent.

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Toyota Celica GT4 

Although the Toyota Celica GT4 has a strong cult following its a model that is often overlooked. Released in the same era as the Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru Impreza and Lancia Delta Integrale the GT4 is an unsung hero in comparison. With plenty of WRC accolades under its belt it won’t be long until the US market will open up and start grabbing this Japanese rally icon and consequently pushing up prices Worldwide. This late model S205 looks like it requires some attention but overall it looks like a decent example on first glance. Full results next week!

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Mazda Autozam (AZ-1)

There’s very few cars as unique as the Mazda Autozam. This Japanese KEI car is powered by a 600cc turbo charged engine and weighs just over 700kgs. Having imported a handful over the years its immensely entertaining to drive. Its impossible not to smile in this quirky little roller skate! Consequently demand is pretty strong and high grade examples such as this 4B with only 65,573kms fetch the biggest premiums. Expect a hammer of around 1 mill JPY.

Check our feature on the King of the KEI Cars

Last week’s results…


Nissan Skyline GTS-R


Sold – 1,819,000 hammer

  • GTS-R
  • 5 seater
  • RB25 engine
  • Aftermarket meter
  • WORK alloys
  • BLIT bucket seat
  • Many modify part
  • Inner has some parts
  • Inner worn scratch
  • Dash modified
  • AC broke
  • Corrosion repair mark in engine room and on underneath
  • Paint stain on roof
  • Under bumper has scratch


Subaru Impreza STI TS RA NBR


Sold – 3,082,175 hammer 

  • WRX Sti TS Rype RA NBR
  • 5 seats
  • NBR challenge
  • Standard recaro
  • Special 18” alloys
  • DAMD steering
  • Aftermarket HDD nav
  • HKS muffler
  • One owner
  • Manual book
  • Spare key
  • Seat worn
  • Inner dirty
  • Alloys door mirror scratch


Subaru Legacy S402


Sold – 3,071,450 hammer 

  • S402
  • 5 seater
  • HDD F class nav
  • Back camera
  • SI drive
  • Smart key
  • Push start
  • Limited car 355/402 plate
  • Sti leather seat , muffler , 18” alloys
  • HID
  • Manual book
  • Warranty
  • Seat steering worn
  • Alloys and door mirror scratch
  • FW has crack

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR


Unknown – No auction data 

  • GTR
  • 44694 kms
  • Midnight purple
  • 4-seater
  • 1998y Final model
  • Mid-night purple
  • NISMO Aero
  • Aftermarket navigation
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • BCNR33-042944
  • Service book
  • Aftermarket extra gauge
  • Interior has dirty
  • Underneath has rust
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Exterior has small scratch & small dent


Honda Civic Mugen RR


Didn’t sell, last bid was 3,307,400 hammer 

  • 300 limited car 
  • Special exterior
  • Recaro Seats
  • 18″ alloys 
  • Remote key ETC HID floor mat 
  • Standard water , oil and oil pressure temperature
  • Aftermarket computer 
  • Manual book 
  • Seat side worn 
  • Driver mirror has scratch 
  • Repair mark 
  • Paint fade part 
  • Paint stain on roof 


Mazda RX7 Type RB


Unknown – No auction data

  • RHD
  •  4 seater
  •  Aftermarket bonnet 
  • Aftermarket muffler 
  • Aftermarket height adjustable suspension
  • Momo steering wheel 
  • Aero parts 
  • No driver side air bag system 
  • Seat color is faded 
  • Right radiator support panel has been repaired & crease 
  • Exterior has small scratch & small dents 
  • Aftermarket clutch ? 
  • Aftermarket shift knob 


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II


Sold – 6,523,925 Hammer 

  • GTR V spec 2
  • Mileage changed
  • 4 seater
  • One owner
  • 1st
  • NISMO reinforce clutch (super cooper mix twin
  • NISMO meter 
  • Driver recaro
  • Meter changed to NISMO meter at 6km 18 Jan 2001y with record
  • Now odo shows 43312km
  • Manual book
  • Warranty
  • Spare key
  • Lock nut
  • Steering worn
  • Shift knob worn
  • Alloys scratch


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Auction Report: 24/5/17

After a short break we’re back with another instalment of our Japanese Auction Report. Each week we’ll be sharing our top picks from the upcoming auctions plus sold data and auction sheet translations from the previous week’s cars.

We begin proceedings with an ‘Old School’ favourite the Nissan Skyline GTS-R…


Nissan Skyline GTS-R

The GTS-R has experienced a recent surge of interest from car fans looking for something more unique. With its retro boxy shape and Skyline heritage its got ‘cool’ written all over it. This grade 3.5B example with 83,769kms from new comes up at USS Tokyo tonight…

More details of this GTS-R here


Subaru Impreza STI TS RA NBR

 The TS RA NBR is an Impreza that should be on every Scooby fans shopping list. Only 300 ever produced makes for an ultra exclusive model for starters but the performance figures also match its striking looks…

More details of this NBR here

Subaru Legacy S402

Another rare edition model released by Subaru the Legacy S402 as the name suggests was limited to only 402 units. It goes well too thanks to STi-tuned dampers and springs, new anti-roll bars and a quicker steering rack, plus six-piston Brembo brakes with larger discs.

More details of this S402 here


Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

This Nissan Skyline R33 GTR caught our eye for a number of reasons. Firstly being manufactured in 1998 makes it the more desirable series 3 model. Secondly, although we’re always cautious on judging a car on an auction sheet alone the first impressions look positive. Midnight Purple, grade 4B with a genuine 44,742kms certainly makes for an attractive headline!

More details of this GTR here


Honda Civic Mugen RR

Ultra desirable, super rare and unashamedly ostentatious the Mugen RR has fast become a firm favourite with many Honda fans Worldwide. The fact its laden with carbon aero and its base is the superb FD2 only furthers the appeal. With hammer prices consistently hitting 4 mill JPY we have little reason to believe this grade 4 example will be any different…

More details of this Mugen RR here


Mazda RX7 Type RB

Another car to have a major resurgence is the Mazda Rx7. Being a late model series 8 will appeal to many and with a genuine 97,582kms from new its covered a relatively short distance in the 17 years its been on the road…

More details of this car here


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II

On first impressions this BNR34 looks like a corker. V-spec II, grade 4.5B and 43,318kms are all major selling points. However these pluses will undoubtedly come at a cost. We’ve guide priced it at £55k on the road in the UK but wouldn’t be surprised if it fetches more when it goes to auction this evening…

More details of this car here


Check back next week for the results. In the meantime visit our auction pages here. 


Japfest Silverstone 2017

Japfest Silverstone 2017 was arguably the best Japfest to date. 20,000 JDM fans flocked to Silverstone for the 2nd year running and helped produce what can only be described as an unforgettable experience for petrol heads across the UK!

Check our full feature of Japfest 2017 below…


In celebration of 25 years of the Honda Type R we put together our own stand dedicated to this iconic model. From the NA1 NSX-R to the Civic FK2 it was a sight to behold! (Even if we do say so ourselves)…



Photo credit: Mickael Roux Photographie



Fujitsubo – Authentically Japanese

In an age where we’re bombarded with poorly made and plagiarised products its harder than ever to find companies that have stood the test of time without being forced to compromise on quality to stay in business. Throw planned obsolescence in the mix and you can see why so many products are thrown away after 2 minutes.

Thankfully Fujitsubo are one of these few companies who place quality above all else. Established in 1931 Fujitsubo’s spirit to… “produce the highest quality products”… is as clear to see today as it was 86 years ago. Its unsurprising they’re the most respected performance exhaust manufacturer throughout Japan. Respect is also at the very core of Fujitsubo’s values pronounced by a gold statue of the founder proudly marking the factory entrance that sits beneath the imposing mount Fuji-san.

Starting his career in motor racing the founder moved into manufacturing through a desire to produce the highest quality parts whilst improving performance.

Only a few minutes into our tour around the factory and we’re already blown away by the operation. All parts of the manufacturing process is handled in-house, from research and development to the end product its a seriously impressive set up that inspires confidence in a product we’ve become well aware of over the 16 years of importing performance cars from Japan.

Much to our surprise their expertise is rated so highly that certain well known car manufacturers outsource to Fujitsubo to manufacturer their very own OEM exhaust systems. Further into our tour and you can understand why with Fujitsubo continuously pursuing advanced technologies. A chassis dynometer, 1/3 octave band sound analysis device, and other specialised equipment are utilised to accumulate important data from the latest technologies.

Increased productivity through advanced 3D laser processing machines and automated pipe benders. Strict quality control with CCD cameras, image analysis software, and 3D CAD. Cumulative performance analysis through actual vehicle testing. This type of research, development, and production structure has led to the Fujitsubo patented exhaust manifold.

Whilst at Fujitsubo HQ we managed to get up close with a seriously cool Datsun 240Z. Restored around 10 years ago the condition was stunning both on top and underneath. Currently the test car for Fujitsubo’s latest incarnation we were lucky enough to see the fitted system in all its glory. Researched and developed on Fujitsubo’s own test track it was a perfect example of the patience and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing their systems.

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, titanium and touches of carbon a huge range of systems are available from 70’s performance icons such as the Datsun 240Z to the modern day Toyota GT86 and Nissan R35 GTR. We’re yet to find a Japanese model that Fujitsubo haven’t covered in some shape or form.

We’ve been fans of Fujitsubo for well over a decade and spending a day at the factory was not only fascinating but also allowed us to truly understand the energy that goes into manufacturing each and every one of these top quality exhaust systems. It would be extremely difficult for me to rate another exhaust manufacturer as highly as Fujitsubo.

Looking for a quality Fujitsubo system that isn’t listed in our store? Please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Auction Report: 15/2/17

This week sees us share yet another selection of superb Japanese metal along with the results from last week’s auctions. Appropriately picked a day after Valentine’s day we start things with a stunning Red GTR…

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

With R32 & R34 GTRs stealing the limelight for many a year we thought it was high time the R33 got a look in. What better way to make an entrance than with this stunning series 3 in Super Clear Red. Graded as a 4B with a documented mileage of 33,385kms from new we’re expecting masses of interest in this example. If its as good as it looks on paper then we anticipate a hammer price north of 3 mill JPY. Question is, will the inspection uncover any gremlins?

Our 5 step Personal Import service…

Toyota Sprinter GT (AE86)


With the odometer currently sitting on 17,234kms, this is without doubt the lowest verified mileage AE86 we’ve seen in years. On first impressions it looks as clean as the mileage should suggest so this will inevitably be the subject of mass hysteria amongst AE86 fans. Its possibly not the most sought after shape but we feel this won’t deter potential buyers too much. Expect a big hammer price then, we’re guessing in the region of 2.5 mill JPY+. Check back next week for translation and results…



Nissan Skyline GT (Hakosuka)


We’re big fans of Japanese classic cars and the Hakosuka has always been one of our firm favourites. Although we’re talking about the GT (KGC10) rather than the GTR (KPGC10) in this instance there’s plenty to love about this model. Firstly has to be the cost, at well under half the price its a great way to own a slice of this Japanese icon without having to sell your home. Given their age the chances of finding an accident free example is understandably greatly reduced so this grade 3.5 is somewhat of a rarity. Expect a hammer over 3.5 mill should the inspection live up to expectations…

Subaru Impreza R205


You’ll be forgiven for not knowing much if anything about the R205. With a plethora of Impreza models released over the past 25 years its easy to see how! Exclusive to the Japanese domestic market the R205 was released in a limited number of 400 units. Based on the Spec C it sees improvements to the suspension (stiffer), braking (6 pot front & 4 pot rear) and power (316bhp). At around 4.5 mill JPY when new these are still fetching over 3 mill JPY at auction. Being a grade 4.5B with 57,000kms our guide price would be 3 mill JPY hammer…



Subaru Legacy (Tuned by STI)


This Legacy makes our auction report this week due to it being the lesser known Tuned by STI model. This tweaked version of the Spec B (BP5) is far less common and comes in WR Blue which is exclusive to this model. With shaken remaining and grade as 4B this will likely be a nice example, however we always let our inspections do the talking before bidding. Check back next week for full details…





Last week’s auction results…

Nissan R35 NISMO edition

Sold – 16,841,375 Hammer

  • 4-seat
  • 1 owner
  • First time in auction
  • 2017 model
  • Half leather
  • Specialised carbon back bucket seat
  • Exterior has scratches
  • Body glass coating with record 2016/12/3
  • Under front bumper has scratches
  • Sports resetting warranty card
  • Instruction manual and warranty
  • Spare key


Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition


Sold – 2,227,100 Hammer

  • Limited Colour Package
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Aftermarket shift knob
  • RECARO seat
  • BLITZ turbo timer
  • Interior dirty & worn
  • Interior sig burn
  • Door mirror scratch
  • Exterior has paint faded
  • Exterior has had work paint
  • Front bumper big scratch
  • Bonnet paint faded
  • Front glass stone chip
  • Rear bumper paint faded


Nissan Skyline GT-X Kenmeri (KGC110)


Cancelled, back at auction this week

  • GT-X
  • 30,120 kms
  • Exterior color changed (I do not know original color )
  • 5 seater
  • Solex 44Φ
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold
  • Trust dual muffler
  • Front / rear height adjustable suspension
  • Aluminum radiator
  • GTR look
  • WATANABE 15-inch alloys
  • Bucket seat
  • KGC110-026097
  • No audio [ has hole ]
  • Roof liner has dirty & sagging
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Seat has cig burn & tears
  • Exterior paint is warped & cracked
  • Exterior has corrosion repaired marks
  • Front bumper has some screw hole
  • Door mirror missing , has mount hole
  • Left visor missing
  • Rear board missing
  • Underneath has been painted & rust
  • Tail around has dent


Toyota Sprinter


Didn’t sell – Final bid 1,344,725

  • 186,079 kms
  • Red
  • 5-seater
  • Driver seat is RECARO seat
  • WATANABE alloys
  • NARDI steering wheel
  • TRD shift knob
  • FUJITSUBO muffler
  • 4 throttle carburetor
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold
  • Digital meter
  • Aftermarket CPU
  • Front aftermarket height adjustable suspension
  • Rear aftermarket suspension
  • Aftermarket LSD
  • Aftermarket aero bumper (front)
  • Has many aftermarket parts
  • No standard parts
  • AE86-5074494
  • Dashboard has crack & has sheet
  • Interior has dirty
  • Underneath has rust & dent & scratch
  • Left radiator support panel has bend
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Rear seat has tears
  • Exterior has scratch & dent
  • Exterior has been all repainted by same colour
  • Front bumper has paint crack



Subaru Impreza STI RA Spec C


Didn’t sell, Final bid was 806,525

  • WRX STi RA Spec C
  • 5-seater
  • 2 SPARCO bucket seats
  • Work emotion 17 alloys
  • Suspension (OHLINS)
  • CUSCO (Diff, stabilizer, lower arm, tower bar and other parts attached)
  • HID headlamp
  • One owner
  • Roof ventilator
  • Spare key and key tag
  • Dealer’s record for 2005 to 2015 every year
  • STI transmission mount and other parts attached
  • Interior worn, dirty and glue residue
  • Door mirror and alloy scratched
  • Suspension has traces of painting
  • Each scratch and dent repaired
  • Rocker panel modified
  • Passenger wing refitted
  • Driver and passenger wing refitted
  • Paint irregular on driver quarter



Toyota Celica TA22

Didn’t sell, Final bid was 1,411,025

  • TA22
  • Mileage question
  • Color changed to white
  • Speed star mark 2
  • 14 inch alloys (F185/55-14 R195/55-14
  • Aftermarket momo steering wheel
  • Momo shift knob
  • Front chin spoiler
  • Rear spoiler
  • Mar 2016 has record
  • Bought from private user
  • Meter question record Nov2012 at 41000km
  • Auction record
  • EG 2T(1600)→2TG(1600)DOHC
  • Changed 4 speed manual to 5 speed manual
  • Weber 40Φ
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Front suspension
  • Rear reinforce suspension
  • Rear fender edge modified
  • Step cover
  • Wood design paint
  • Attached cooler but it doesn’t work
  • Front has repair mark
  • Color changed
  • Meter question car
  • Right front inner panel , core support and right front side member has repaired and bend
  • Missing jack
  • Rear panel repaired and crease
  • Underneath paint
  • Steering worn
  • Rear seat has repaired 15cm mark
  • Inner trim tear  sagging
  • Missing passenger door lamp
  • Repaired cig hole
  • Front mirror
  • Paint crack on bonnet
  • Crack on winker


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Auction Report: 8/2/17

We share our top picks from this week’s Japanese car auctions with a tasty selection of cars spanning over 45 years. We also share our findings and hammer prices from last week’s car auctions and get things going with a modern day rocket ship… the Nissan GTR NISMO edition.

Nissan R35 GTR NISMO Edition


With a start price of nearly 15 mill JPY this 2016 NISMO edition GTR is already so pricey it will make your eyes water! But even we have to admit our desire for this car-shaped missile. If the looks alone don’t have you sold then a Nurburgring lap time of 7 min 08 secs surely will. 10 lines on the Euro millions this week?

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Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition


With red Tommi Makinen Evos getting so much attention over the past 18 months we’re starting to see a real drop in numbers coming up for sale. Although this example looks far from perfect it does have some positives judging by the auction sheet. The mileage is nice and low whilst being recorded as genuine. There is shaken remaining which suggests its been used recently and its being listed as a non-accident repaired example. All this is positive, however we’l be the first to admit that this information does not equate to a quality car. There is always the chance it has in fact been in an accident and not recorded plus other more obvious issues such as running problems or corrosion. Check back next week for our findings…

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Nissan Skyline GT-X Kenmeri (KGC110)


SO MUCH WANT. This is a model that annually makes our Christmas list. Although its not the GTR version there’s very few cars as handsome as the Kenmeri. Grade 3.5 with a genuine 30,120kms from new will without doubt attract a lot of buyers. With a start price of 2.8 mill JPY it won’t come cheap but compared to the hugely expensive GTR it could be viewed as a bargain. Hammer price and translation next week…

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Toyota Sprinter


Another car that rarely sees better grading than an R, this grade 3.5 Toyota Sprinter on first impressions looks like a decent example. The mileage is higher than we usually go for but considering its over 30 years old it could quite easily be seen as reasonable, plus we’d go for quality over mileage every time. With some shaken remaining and being a pop up light model make it all the more appealing. We’ll share full details and hammer price next week…

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Subaru Impreza STI RA Spec C


We’re seeing more and more demand for the bug eye Impreza. Upon release back in the early noughties this shape got slammed by the press and was known as the ugly ducking for many years afterwards. However, it appears these opinions have faded drastically as we’re seeing a real shift towards this model. Helped by the fact this is a RA Spec C with 50,471kms from new we see a hammer price in excess of 1 mill JPY.

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Toyota Celica TA22


Another 70’s classic to make our Auction report this week the Toyota Celica TA22 above certainly has the right look. Values of these are still pretty reasonable when compared to more well known models of the same era. There are a couple of points that concern us about the auction sheet however, namely its graded as an R and although it doesn’t always necessarily equate to a bad car it is a concern. It also has a few areas of rust around the body work which could hint at further rust underside. Another good reason to have someone you trust inspect the car in the flesh!


Last week’s results…



Honda NSX


Cancelled at auction, back this week…


  • 84,341 kms
  • Grade : unknown
  • Manual transmission
  • Exterior colour changed
  • Aftermarket steering wheel
  • Air bag warning lamp on
  • No standard parts in the car
  • No standard seat
  • Transmission has been changed AT to Manual transmission
  • Power steering system has problem , heavy work . shake
  • SRS lamp on
  • Aftermarket driver seat
  • Sun visor has tears
  • Passenger seat has wear & cig burn
  • Roof liner has sagging
  • Aftermarket bonnet
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Aftermarket rear spoiler paint is faded & cracked
  • Left front fender bracket has bend
  • Trunk hood damper needs change
  • Exterior has scratch & dent & paint waving
  • Front bumper paint is faded & cracked
  • Bonnet paint is cracked
  • Front window has stonechip
  • Bonnet has been changed
  • Left & right front fender have been changed



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec



Sold – 6,332,825 Hammer

  • GTR V-Spec
  • Speed meter has been changed in 2001y Oct 26 at 5972kms
  • Total mileage is 20087kms
  • Has documents
  • Purple
  • 4-seater
  • Trade-in vehicle
  • One owner
  • NISMO muffler
  • NISMO oil cooler
  • LED tail
  • Limited colour model
  • NISMO white speed meter
  • BNR34-006738
  • Manual book
  • Service book
  • Spare key
  • Seat has dirty & wear
  • Steering wheel has wear
  • Alloys have scratch
  • Right rear fender has been changed
  • Exterior has scratch & dent & repair marks




Honda Integra Type R



Didn’t sell, final bid was 1,534,850 hammer

  • Type R
  • 4 seater
  • One owner
  • C package
  • Recaro Seats
  • Discharge Lights
  • PC glass
  • 6 sheet of record
  • Standard aero
  • Standard alloys
  • Automatic mirror
  • Rear wiper
  • Side visor
  • Mats
  • 6 CD MD 6 speaker
  • Steering worn
  • Cig hole on seat
  • left rear fender and step changed



Subaru Impreza STI Type R


Sold, 943,025 hammer

  • STI Version WRX Type R
  • 5 seater
  • 5 speed manual
  • Interior  scratched , dirty
  • Rust in under chassis




Toyota Celica GT-Four


Didn’t sell, final bid was 690,500


  • GT-Four
  • 5 seater
  • 5 speed manual
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • 16inch alloys
  • Front fog light
  • 4WD
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Blow off valve ?
  • Please check aftermarket parts
  • Books
  • Car guarantee card
  • Steering  light worn , scratched
  • Roof liner yellow stain
  • Alloys scratched
  • Repaired mark on body
  • Front bumper  shave scratched





Honda Integra Type R


Didn’t sell, final bid was 1,057,100

  • Type R
  • 4 seater
  • Latter model
  • 1998y spec
  • Mugen muffler
  • Changed front glass moulding
  • Record book 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014
  • Spare key
  • shift knob
  • Underneath rusty part
  • Seat corner and steering worn




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Auction Report: 1/2/17

This week’s auction report includes translations and hammer prices from last week’s ‘R34 GTR special’. NSXs to Impreza’s and GTRs to Imprezas we also include our top picks from the forthcoming auctions…




Honda NSX


In my humble opinion Honda NSXs are best left free of after market bodykits. However there are few exceptions and although I still prefer the ‘OEM look’ this manual NA1 just about pulls it off and will surely attract some interest. Grade 4B with a genuine 84,341kms from new will only add to its appeal so its hard to imagine it selling for anything less than 4 mill JPY.

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Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec


This is one to watch. On first glance this R34 GTR looks like a winner… As many of you will be aware values are skyrocketing on R34 GTRs, especially on super low mileage examples such as this. However, there’s a possible major flaw here, and that’s the replaced O/S rear quarter. Sure, the repair could have been carried out to an extremely high standard but for a model that has collector’s appeal we feel this particular example falls short. It will be interesting to see where this one turns up. Check back next week for the results…

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Honda Integra Type R

An almost identical grade of car to the GTR above this 2002 DC5 boasts an exceptionally low documented mileage of just 14,182kms! But perhaps in contrast to above the rear repair will likely put off less buyers. Obviously this still isn’t ideal and we’d expect the price to reflect such a repair, however its hard to look past the mileage on this occasion and if the repair is top drawer we expect a far bit of interest in this grade 3.5 ITR. Check back next week for the results…

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Subaru Impreza STI Type R 


The classic shape Impezas are rightfully receiving interest as of late. Considerably more affordable than P1s and obviously the 22B its hard not to see the attraction. With the majority attention on version 5’s and 6’s we see better value in the version 4. Although a little up on the miles this grade 4 has shaken remaining which indicates its been in recent use. On an older car we generally feel this is a more positive indication of the quality but ultimately the inspection will reveal its true condition and whether its a ‘minter’ or a ‘munter’…

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Toyota GT-Four


Released around the same time as the Impreza Type R above this S205 GT4 is another model feel deserves more attention. Although a year too old for the projector headlights this model does come with sports ABS and dual airbags. On first impressions a grade 4 with a genuine 100,453kms does make this example seem attractive. With WRC credentials to boot we’re tipping the GT4 as a model for the future. Check back next week for full details…

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Honda Integra Type R


Those looking for a DC2 ITR will struggle to find a better example on paper. Touted as the best handling FWD car upon release these are an absolute joy to drive even today and grade as 4B with a genuine 69,226kms this OEM looking 98 spec will surely attract plenty of interest. Question is… is it as clean as it looks? Full report next week…

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Last week’s results…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II NUR


  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 8,594,825 JPY
  • Back at auction this week
  • V-Spec Nur
  • BBS alloys
  • CLIFFORD Security
  • Brembo caliper
  • NISMO aero
  • HKS boost controller
  • NISMO oil cooler
  • Big radi radiator
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Manual book
  • Seat & Steering worn
  • Alloys scratch
  • Aero scratch
  • Exterior has scratch
  • Front bumper crack
  • Both side aero scratch

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II NUR (R1)


  • V Spec II NUR R1
  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 9,591,275 JPY
  • GT-R V-spec NUR ㈼
  • NISMO Omori engine
  • GT block
  • Omori factory CPU
  • Z tune exhaust
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Many after parts
  • Difficult to read due to handwriting!




Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec


  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 4,750,400 JPY
  • GT-R V Spec
  • Trade-in vehicle
  • NISMO aero
  • NISMO 18alloy
  • NISMO speedo (speedo changed at 9,155 km on 21st August, 1999)
  • HKS suspension
  • LED tail lump
  • NISMO exhaust
  • NISMO sports resetting
  • Interior worn
  • Aero scratches
  • Door mirror and alloys scratches
  • Each scratch and dent repaired
  • Scratches in front
  • Present odometer showing 81,014 km


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec (Midnight Purple III)


  • Sold – 3,603,800 JPY
  • Midnight purple III
  • Altered speedo
  • 4 seaters
  • 6 speed manual
  • Bought from private person
  • APEX power FC , FC commander
  • TOMEI camshaft
  • R35 air flow sensor
  • Aftermarket injector, radiator
  • TOMEL Titanium muffler
  • REIMAX front pipe
  • Suspension ( Missing wrench for adjusting suspension )
  • Aftermarket bonnet , 18inch alloys( 265/35 ) , Steering( Air bag lamp go on )
  • RECARO seat
  • GREDDY profec
  • Front , rear  repaired history
  • Roof liner dirty
  • Seat , steering  light worn
  • Radiator core support replaced
  • Front cross member replaced
  • Driver front inner panel replaced
  • Alloys scratched
  • Body has been painted, repaired mark
  • Corrosion hole, corrosion, rust in under chassis
  • Driver front chassis rail  repaired
  • Passenger front inner panel  repaired
  • Corrosion, repaired mark on both front inner panel
  • Rear panel  repaired
  • Rear floor  repaired, bend



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec


  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 3,553,100 JPY
  • Documented speedo change
  • Meter changed when 1280km ( It has register )
  • Now meter indicate will be 100807km
  • 6 speed manual
  • NISMO aero
  • 18inch alloys
  • Inter cooler
  • Suspension
  • Muffler
  • Aftermarket NISMO meter , Roll bar , Air cleaner , etc
  • Front repaired history
  • Interior  light worn , tear , dirty
  • Alloys , door mirror scratched
  • Dent in floor chassis rail
  • Radiator core support replaced
  • Driver front inner panel  repaired , bend
  • Passenger front inner panel  replaced
  • Rear panel  replaced
  • Battery flat
  • Dynamo does not work
  • Repaired mark on body
  • Rear floor  repaired , bend



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR


  • Sold – 5,170,625 JPY
  • Bought from private user
  • Suspension
  • Brembo
  • HKS super turbo muffler
  • Rear spoiler
  • JASMA Certificate
  • Steering and seat worn
  • Alloys scratch
  • Underneath anti corrosion paint
  • Paint crack on front bumper


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec


  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 5,254,475 JPY
  • GTR V Spec
  • 73728 km
  • Front spoiler
  • Rear diffuser (V -spec)
  • NISMO muffler
  • Standard suspension
  • Standard 18-inch alloys
  • Service book
  • Steering wheel has wear
  • Interior has dirty
  • Wheel has scratch
  • A part of underneath has rust
  • Exterior has small scratch & small dents



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR


  • Didn’t sell, final bid was 4,742,600 JPY
  • 61067 km
  • Speed meter has been changed [ total 61067kms ]
  • Has documents
  • NISMO 320km/h speed meter
  • NISMO muffler
  • NISMO shift knob
  • RAY’S 18-inch alloys
  • Height adjustable suspension
  • Service book
  • Flat battery
  • Center console monitor has crack
  • Interior has scratch & wear & dirty
  • Steering wheel has wear
  • Exterior has small scratch & dents
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Engine oil leak
  • Underneath has scratch & rust
  • Rear spoiler paint is faded


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