Auction Report: 7/12/16

A rather special week at the Japanese car auctions this week presents us with one of the rarest cars to come out of Japan in the past 50 years. The Nissan NISMO 400R…

Nissan Skyline NISMO 400R

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It goes without saying that anyone who knows anything about Skylines will have heard of the legendary NISMO 400R. Limited to a mere 44 this is a serious collectors car. The one you see before you at first glance appears the perfect example. Grade 4 and a genuine 13,106kms from new make this a very attractive purchase. However we have an inkling there maybe more to this 400R than meets the eye. After a bit of digging we found the chassis number matches another 400R we inspected  17 months ago. We were set to bid for a customer using our Personal import service but things took a turn for the worst after our inspection. To say this had some rust is an understatement! Hopefully the car we see before us is very different to the one we saw before. A full and quality restoration is nothing short of what it deserves but we’ll report back with our findings in a dedicated blog post very soon…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec

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For those not content with a standard power GTR this HKS laden freight train maybe just the ticket. From a quick glance at the auction sheet there are signs of a 2.8 conversion and a big single T78 turbo which is enough of an indication that this R34 GTR means business. On the basis of recent hammer prices we wouldn’t be surprised if this one reaches 6 million+ JPY. Full spec list and hammer price next week.

Midnight purple R34 GTR V-spec for sale


Honda Civic Mugen RR

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Exclusive to the Japanese domestic market and limited to a run of only 300 you can see why the Honda Civic Mugen RR is hot property Worldwide. This grade 4.5B example with a genuine 15,411kms from new appears to be in great shape from the auction sheet but like any car it will take an inspection in the flesh to confirm this. On first impressions it may appear like a red FD2 with a vented bonnet but dig a little deeper and you’ll see there’s much more to this special model…


Nissan Sunny Truck

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We find it hard to look past a Sunny Truck at the best of times but when one turns up with a few modifications it usually makes our shortlist. This particular Hakotora may not be to everyone’s taste but we believe there’s plenty to like. Will 2017 be the year for modified Hakotoras in the UK? Full translation and hammer price next week…

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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-spec II

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If you love your R32 GTRs then it doesn’t get much better than this! Firstly to have a 23 year old car graded at 4.5B is rare enough but to have a V-spec II with 33,059kms is a sight to behold. We would love to think this Godzilla will come in at a reasonable hammer price but truth be told… it won’t. With values as of late there will likely be a mechanical fault if it doesn’t soar past 3 mill JPY. If everything is in order we’d even suggest this one will be closing in on 4 mill JPY. Check back next week for the results…

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Subaru Impreza Spec C

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in 2016 we saw a marked interest in the Impreza hatchback Spec C and we only expect further interest going into 2017. Having driven a number of these to date we can easily see why this generation Impreza is finally getting the love it deserves. The lightweight Spec C model just makes things a whole lot more serious! With values now coming within reach for many we hope to see many more on UK shores in the coming months. Hammer price and description next week…

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Last week’s auction results…

Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (Hakosuka)

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Sold – 13,308,950

  • GTR
  • Mileage question car because of 5 digit meter
  • S20 2.3l kit
  • 80mm forging piston kit
  • H cutting face con rod kit
  • Decomposing Engine then overhauled
  • Many modify part
  • Watanabe 16” alloys
  • Modify note on inside car
  • Steering wheel/seat worn
  • Whole body has been painted with same colour
  • Rear has repair history
  • Rear floor left inner panel and left rear side member repaired and crease
  • Rear panel changed
  • Paint warped on driver quarter


Honda Civic Type R (EK9)

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Sold – 865,025


  • Changed to white
  • Model number plate exists
  • Spoon B18C engine
  • Mugen tower bar
  • Air cleaner
  • Roll cage
  • Oil catch tank
  • HID
  • Enforced clutch
  • 4 point seat belt
  • Aragosta suspension
  • Aftermarket 16” wheels
  • Aluminium radiator
  • Power fuel controller
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Carbon bonnet
  • Many other modification exist
  • Colour changed car
  • Front and rear have repair history
  • Interior stain
  • Many missing parts
  • Rear seat, carpet, inner trim missing
  • No stereo
  • Jack tool missing
  • Fender arch modification
  • Rear panel and rear floor were repaired and are bent
  • Left rear arch, inner panel were repaired and are bent
  • Wing mirrors scratch
  • Seat big tear
  • Core support and front cross member have been replaced
  • Underneath scratch and dent
  • Left and right front inner panel were repaired and are bent


Honda S2000 Type S

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Didn’t sell – Final bid – 2,001,875 hammer


  • Standard aero
  • Leather seats
  • Spare key
  • User’s manual
  • Seat wear and crease
  • Carpet wear and stain
  • Sticker on the exterior body
  • Wing mirrors have scratch
  • Aftermarket wheels and suspension
  • Both front fenders modified and dent
  • Both front tire house covers scratch and tear


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II

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Sold – 6,435,200 hammer

  • 47,090km
  • Replaced to 320km gauge, mileage was 167km, March 2001
  • Record exists
  • Turbo timer
  • Stereo remote
  • Trunk key is different
  • Seat worn and stain
  • Aftermarket shift knob
  • Alloys scratch
  • Underneath rust
  • Minor scratch and dent


Honda Beat

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Sold – 289,775

  • 6 speed manual
  • 4WD
  • Bought from private user
  • Standard 17inch alloys
  • Standard aero
  • Boost gauge
  • Auto mirror
  • Auction will send spare key, manual book and maintenance book
  • Record : 9.2006, 10.2009, 11.2011, 11.2015
  • Front cross member has lot of corrosion and hole
  • Underneath has paint mark
  • Front bumper has scratch
  • Bonnet has dent
  • Front window has scratch
  • Roof has scratch
  • Rear panel has dent
  • Passenger wing has a lot of scratch
  • Exterior has small scratch and small dent


Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

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Sold – 1,016,150

  • Evolution
  • 5 seater
  • Two standard Recaro
  • Remote key
  • Missing audio
  • Broke automatic mirror
  • Seat worn dirty
  • Underneath paint mark and rust
  • Aftermarket tail


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