Ultimate Subaru Legacy could be yours…

If you’re a Subaru fan, it doesn’t get much better than this rally legend coming up for auction soon! The famous blue and gold livery which has been associated with the Impreza rallying days is one of those automotive global icons. However this livery was first introduced in 1993, the sponsor being 555’s cigarettes. The car to wear this now famed skin was Subaru’s Legacy rally car, which came before the Impreza.

This particular Legacy RS in Group A rally spec is very special. Produced in 1993, an example of the Legacy just before the lighter Impreza took over. It’s Propelled by it’s 2.0-litre turbo engine, running 290bhp and 290b ft through it’s four wheel drive system. Also consists of a six speed manual, handled by a viscous coupling centre differential and limited-slip diffs front and back.

All of the above is epic ingredients for a true rally weapon but the coolest thing about this car is it’s history. You may be a committed Impreza / Colin McRae fan and may wonder what all the fuss is about with this Legacy?…Well it has a decent previous ‘owner history’ with the likes of Richard Burns and Ari Vatanen who have been behind the wheel of this very car. It led the Acropolis Rally in the hands of Vatanen, being faster than Tommi Makinen, Juha Kankkunen AND McRae! Unfortunately Vatanen crashed it right at the end whilst leading. Following on from this event Prodrive rebuilt the car. An Italian team bought the rally car. A variety of drivers battled in it, including Richard Burns managing second place in the Bettega Memorial Rallysprint in 1995.

If you’re still not convinced that buying a Legacy rally car is a wise purchase due to being more of a Impreza / Colin McRae fan, the following history is significant. Colin McRae’s ‘driven’ success includes a British Rally Championship title in a Legacy RS at twenty three years of age. McRae’s first ever World Rally victory was also in one of these, achieving the first ever WRC victory for the Legacy simultaneously.

Throughout it’s later life it got converted into Safari Rally spec, before ending up in a suitable home, being purchased by the Richard Burns Collection in 2008. It was given the go ahead to have a full rebuild to original condition. Prodrive experts equipped with original technical drawings completed the job. The coding of the ECU is even the same a when it entered the 1993 Acropolis Rally. Also it possesses original mechanical components, correct chassis ID plate and reminiscent number plate

All of the above details are within the car presented, being auctioned on February 23rd by Silverstone Auctions. Since the rebuild its wheels have only turned over sixty miles! The auctioneers value estimate for this legend is from £120,000 to £140,000 GBP. Would you buy this over a contemporary sports/supercar?

We would certainly be tempted…

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