Spotted: RB26 Supra

The controversy! Some people will look at this RB26 Supra and think WOW! Die hard fans will likely believe that an RB26 shouldn’t be residing in a Supra. Either way theres no doubt it’s unique, and for that we appreciate what has been created!

Cosmetically it looks like a Supra, with no hint that it’s had a heart transplant until you open the bonnet. The iconic 2JZ has been swapped for another icon, the RB26. Both are titans in the JDM world and I’m sure there are many split opinions on which is best…

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RB26 and 6 speed manual of BNR34 reloaded
Inter cooler
BBSLM18 alloys
Remote key
Strada HDD navigation

OS,R3C triple clutch
T88-34D aftermarket LSD
ORC brake kit
HKS264 high cam + spring
V PRO3.2
HKS strong oil pomp connecting rod
HKS full counter clunk
Aftermarket aero and front fender
Aftermarket suspension
Rear under diffuser
Defi oil pressure, turbo, water meter, exhust meter
G-ready PRO fec-B
MOMO steering and aftermakrt shift knob
Aftermarket muffler

This Supra will definitely appeal to an individual in the modding world purely for it’s rarity. Clearly a huge amount of work has gone into this build. It’s a marmite creation and someone will love owning it for that shock factor and the surprise on peoples faces when the key is turned.

It will be interesting to see what kind of money this will make under the hammer. With good examples of standard manual twin turbo Supra’s starting north of £20,000 GBP, will the mods decrease or increase its value?


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