Spotted: Mugen DC5 ITR

Who doesn’t love a Honda Integra DC5? Having imported our very first back in 2002 and countless more since we’re certainly one of the DC5s biggest fans. But why has it become one our most in demand cars over the past 17 years?

First of all it has to be the way it looks, very few cars have aged as well and consequently the DC5 still turns heads in 2018. Secondly has to be the performance, the K20A is a fabulous power plant producing over 100bhp per litre which is quite incredible from a naturally aspirated engine. Being married up to a slick 6spd gearbox and a limited slip diff only adds to the occasion. Throw in a wedge of Honda reliability and the results speak for themselves with Personal import service orders coming in on a weekly basis.

The following DC5 spotted at a Japanese dealer caught our eye for a few reasons but the most obvious was the way it looks. Fitted with the rarely spotted Mugen aerokit will appeal to a huge number of ITR fans but dig a little deeper and you’ll notice the Mugen extras doesn’t stop there with a Mugen Twinloop, air intake and suspension thrown in for good measure.

Being a 2004 facelift in Vivid Blue will appeal to many and although there are still a number of fans who prefer the more aggressive look of the pre facelift the Mugen kit tends to offset this with a far more aggressive front end than OEM.

Covering relatively little ground over its 12 year life at 69,000kms (42,000 miles) does add reason to why this particular Integra Type R is being offered at a premium of 1.69 mill JPY. However subject to a thorough inspection from our team in Japan we feel its a reasonable figure considering the money that’s been spent improving this already fantastic Type R.

Drop us a line if you’d like more information about this particular DC5. Already have a DC5 and want to improve it? Browse our online store here

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