Spotted: Mazda RX7 Type R Bathurst R

The Mazda RX7 could be considered a marmite car, due to the well known rotary reputation. There’s no denying the rotary engine needs to be treated with respect but the same should be said about the RB26, EJ20 or in indeed any performance engine. The reality is nearly all cars will likely require a rebuild at some point and coming in at around half the cost of a piston engine from the same era the RX7 looks like great value! If we relied solely on internet hearsay the RX7 would be conceived as the most unreliable car in existence.

Thankfully for the fortunate people that have been bitten by the rotary bug and love these cars, the RX7 has a lot going for it. Even by today’s standards RX7’s handle superbly and no doubt are one of the best balanced cars of all time. With perfect 50:50 weight distribution and proper sports car feel these cars inspire the driver to push on and explore the limits. 

We spotted this very special example at a dealer in Japan, a Mazda RX7 Type R Bathurst and a quick look at the dealer’s description reveals a vehicle price of 3,590.900 yen (£23,741.14 GBP). The mileage of this vehicle is 46,000km’s (28,583 miles), so not only is this a rare RX7 but it boasts low mileage too. The Bathurst name was chosen to commemorate the Bathurst 12-hour race in Australia, where the RX-7 was victorious for three consecutive years (1992 through 1994). Sales of the RX-7 Type R Bathurst R were limited to 500 units purely for the Japanese domestic market.

This limited edition model, based on the Type R, had the highest power to weight ratio among the RX7 series. The limited edition model featured custom height-adjustable dampers which enhanced the driving experience even further.

In the cabin was a carbon theme harking back to the successful racing cars including a carbon centre panel, center console, power window switch panel small storage compartment cover on the driver’s side, shift knob and parking brake lever all manufactured by Mazda Speed. Also just to make it clear it’s not just any RX7 a smattering of custom Bathurst R decals were added, not that you would struggle to get noticed in this bright yellow example. Three body colours were available from new including this spectacular Sunburst Yellow.

Interestingly we have previously noticed this car at a recent USS Nagoya Auction. Graded as a 3.5 car it listed with one previous owner from new. It’s starting price was 1,400,000 yen (£9,249.80 GBP) but it didn’t end up selling with the last bid being 3,004,000 yen FOB (£19,808.38 GBP). RX7’s values have appreciated significantly in the past 18 months and that trend looks set to continue. Certainly a future classic in the making and arguably a great investment opportunity. Plus if it’s a limited run variant such as this Type R Bathurst R your bound to see an even greater rise in value.


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