Spotted: Honda S660 Mugen

The Honda S660 would have sold in high numbers if sold in the UK, but due to it being kept for the Japanese market they are still very rare if not a non existent sight on UK roads. Even rarer still is the car we’ve spotted at a dealers in Japan. The Honda S660 Mugen. It’s not all about outright speed and power, but more about the joy of driving. It’s clear Honda wanted to create a successor to their small mid engined Kei car from the 90’s, the Beat!

The S660 Mugen may only have 64bhp but it only weighs 830kg’s. Being rear wheel drive and mated to one of Honda’s excellent 6 speed manuals theres no doubt it has all the ingredients for a fun little car. The values of these Kei cars in Japan reflect how sought after they are, with Mugen editions around the £20,000 GBP mark.


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