Project Kenmeri – The 40 year old Skyline…

Its not often we get the opportunity to source a Skyline Kenmeri. This is partly down to the scarcity but also the likelihood of having to a embark on a fairly involved project. Whether restorative or one of modification there is always an element of going in with ‘eyes wide open’ when purchasing vehicles of this age.

Widely known as the “Ken & Mary” or “Kenmeri” Skyline, this name came about from the advertisement in Japan which featured a young couple (Ken and Mary) enjoying the countryside in their Skyline.

After a fair bit of searching this superb base for a project came up at the right price and we agreed to secure for our Personal import customer. Rob is also the owner of a 1975 Toyota Celica RA25 GT2000 so you could say he already has experience and above all a passion for cars of this era. You can follow his project on Instagram at @kamikazeplayboy



One of our Facebook fans summed up this era of car so well… “Modern cars may have the tech…. but they are so anodyne in comparison…. look at the detail on this… you can’t fake that, a computer can’t design it… a human being (or several I add) actually cared about what they designed. Awesome machine!”…










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