NISMO 400R with 1861kms

Considering there were only 44 ever produced and the majority are being hidden away by collectors its unlikely you’ll ever see a NISMO 400R in the flesh. This example spotted in Japan seems to verify this statement. Covering a mere 1861kms from new its barely even seen the light of day. Although it appears a shame to many a petrol head the owner is probably rubbing his hands together. Considering examples have been changing hands for over 6 figures in the past 12 months we can see this one being sold for a great deal more (should it have the provenance to back it up). With many predicting even greater returns over the coming years is the 400R one of the best Japanese performance cars to invest your money in?

One thing is for certain the 400R is a super rare and unique model that has been admired since it was released some 20 years ago. We’re not 100% sure whether this particular example will ever make it to market and would probably guess it changes hands without the rest of the World knowing. Hopefully this isn’t the case and we in fact get to see this Japanese performance icon some more in the future!



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