Mazda RX7 Track Car

Looking to obliterate the competition on track? Then this RX7 may just be the tool for you! Boasting a lap time of 55 seconds around Tsukuba this FD3S is a serious track weapon. With an estimated 15 mill JPY spent on modifications (£100k+ at today’s exchange rate) you can start to appreciate why it carries a hefty price tag of 6.5 mill JPY (£45k at today’s exchange rate).

Fitted with carbon parts at every available opportunity (including the roof) this RX7 has been seriously stripped of any weight. Add in a power figure of 567PS and you can start to get an idea of what this thing must feel like to drive.

Modifications include items such as a full Re-Amemiya aerokit (many carbon items) Trust T88 turbo, HKS sequential gearbox, carbon meter panel, ATL safety fuel tank, full titanium exhaust system, V mount intercooler, ATS carbon LSD etc…

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