This year Japfest Silverstone was treated to weather any great event deserves. The show was buzzing with fans from far and wide. Whether you were there to spot your dream JDM ride, show off your pride and joy, catch some drifting or indulge in your favourite brands, Japfest had it all! We always look forward to bringing along some four wheeled gems to this event from Torque GT HQ. This year included our Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec II Nur, Mazda RX7 Spirit R, Mitsubishi EVO VI TME, Honda Civic Mugen RR, Subaru Impreza Spec C RA-R and Toyota Supra TT6. To compliment these iconic Japanese cars we displayed the latest products from Fujitsubo, O.Z, RAYS Wheels and Meister R suspension.

A rather special Honda, the Mugen RR is the holy grail in the Civic world. Some Honda fanatics would go as far to say they would rather have this over an NSX-R…

You would be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of an RA-R, to passers by it could be a standard model white STi. However this 1 of 300 model is to many purists the Holy Grail of Imprezas. It truly is a rally car for the road, few things would keep up with this over a moorland road.

Customers enjoyed the chance of some shade looking around our indoor display and meeting the team.

Alex doing a fantastic job keeping our cars looking like they’ve just rolled out the showroom.

Walking around the show gave opportunity to see some stunning creations!

The Nissan Cube Club was out in force, you’ve got to love these weird and wonderful vehicles. Only in Japan!

A Japanese Car Show wouldn’t be complete without a long line of Scooby’s and BlobSquad car club were in full force this year!

A sea of Championship White…

One of the cars that really stood out was this Mazda RX7, with mad aero. Seeing it up close you could really appreciate the work that had gone into this build.

Smoking in the sun…what could be better?

Always a joy to watch drifting in tandem, a sideways art form. Showing what a car can do when balanced on the limit.

Theres not many places where you can see a line of Supra’s…with these JDM icons becoming rarer and harder to find values are most definitely on the rise!

Wherever you stand theres always something that will catch your eye.

It was great to see our Nur get so much attention throughout the day, seeing peoples reaction when they experience Millennium Jade glistening in the sun for the first time.

Being a leading performance exhaust manufacturer, we were proud to display a Hakosuka Fujitsubo system in the flesh. Such high quality, it’s like a piece of art. The precision and detailing of these exhausts is simply stunning…

Our Honda Accord Euro R with it’s Fujitsubo exhaust system was one of our most viewed cars of our display. It certainly intrigued people as they are a bit of an unknown gem in the UK. A fantastic daily, running a K20A engine and 6 Speed Manual found in the DC5 Integra Type R, plus has an LSD as standard. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The TME looked fantastic in the sunshine, as far as iconic road car liveries go this car right up there!

Our Personal Import Specialist Darren is always happy to share his vast breadth of knowledge and explain the import process, plus catch up with previous Personal Import Customers.

Japfest is a great day out for all the family and giving people the opportunity to see an array of JDM Legends up close really shows the following these cars have.

We hope everyone enjoyed Japfest and our display. If you are lusting over a particular JDM car and want your dream to become reality take a look at our 5 Step Personal Import Service…








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