The Midnight Runner

Imported by ourselves in early 2016 this 2001 M-spec was built in-house with the sole purpose of creating a perfect R34 GTR for the street. Punchy & agile with superb stopping power we also aimed for serious road presence whilst retaining a comfortable ride. We wanted to use NISMO products where possible due to their high build quality and greater potential at retaining this M-spec as an investment for the future. Quality as you’d expect is top draw. With a mere 366 M-spec models produced this is #001 in Black Pearl to leave the Nissan factory…

  • NISMO aero kit
  • NISMO intake collector
  • NISMO 600cc injectors
  • NISMO Le Mans turbos 
  • NISMO NE-1 exhaust system
  • NISMO reinforced cambelt
  • NISMO sports clutch
  • NISMO S-tune tower bar
  • NISMO R-tune air guide
  • NISMO air filter
  • NISMO oil pump
  • NISMO fuel pump
  • NISMO bearings
  • NISMO gasket set
  • NISMO fuel pressure regulator
  • NISMO LED rear lights
  • NISMO Multi function display
  • NISMO radiator cap
  • NISMO oil filter
  • NISMO S-tune oil cap
  • NISMO petrol cap
  • NISMO wing mirrors
  • NISMO pillar garnish
  • NISMO floor mats
  • NISMO mirror cover
  • NISMO clear indicators
  • NISMO gearnob
  • NISMO 320km speedo
  • NISMO S-tune suspension
  • NISMO GT4 alloys
  • NISMO centre caps
  • NISMO air valve caps
  • NISMO lug nuts
  • Greddy 6 pot brakes (front)
  • Greddy 4 pot brakes (rear)
  • Link ECU

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11 thoughts on “The Midnight Runner

  1. Love it I really do, though personally and only my opinion I think when focusing on the car sounds maybe the music should fade out just a little so the sounds really pop out more. Otherwise one very well made video indeed.

  2. This car is beyond beautiful, I don’t think there’s even a word to describe it… Are there any HD pics? I’d love an wallpaper of it.

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