Spotted: Mazda RX7 Spirit R

Over the past 12 months the Mazda RX7 has received a serious upturn in appreciation. So much so that we now have more orders for series 8 RX7s than we’ve ever experienced in 16 years of importing cars from Japan. So why the sudden spike in interest you may ask? Our answer would be that its long overdue. For years the RX7 has been feared through stories of immeasurable unreliability to a point where onlookers would be forgiven to think they blow up every 1000 miles. In reality the rotary engine requires maintenance and respect like any other engine but it rewards the driver with a beautifully unique and involving driving experience.

The series 8 has unquestionably received the greatest interest and consequently we’ve seen values rise. However this model, the Spirit R, is the flagship RX7. Lightweight RECARO seats, BBS wheels, BILSTEIN dampers and larger brakes certainly help it stand out from the crowd. And with only 1000 units released by Mazda its reasonable to think these fetch a fair bit more too.

Although this particular example is being offered at a shade under 7 mill JPY (£47,000 GBP at today’s exchange rate) it has only covered 4000kms from new and appears on first impressions to be in superb condition. A proper in the flesh inspection would be required by our team in Japan to confirm this though…


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