Spotted: Lexus LFA

With a total of 500 hand built units released Worldwide and a price tag that will make a grown man cry you can see why the Lexus LFA is somewhat of a unicorn on UK roads.

So when this stunning Pearl yellow example turned up in Japan we simply had to share with you guys!

Covering a mere 66kms from new, this LFA has literally been wrapped in cotton wool and forgotten about. Although there is no price currently listed you can bet it will be north of 50 mill JPY (£375k GBP or $465k USD at today’s exchange rate).

For those a little less familiar with the LFA you have to hear it to truly appreciate the attraction. The immense howl from the 4.8  V10 is quite possibly the most intoxicating engine sound to ever come from a production car! Listen to the video below to see this car in action…

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