Redzilla – The perfect GTR?

Occasionally a car comes along that’s impossible to ignore. This is most definitely one of those occasions. Is it the rare Active Red body colour, the plethora of quality Japanese upgrades or quite simply the GTR badge? The answer is possibly down to the individual but we’d hazard a guess its all the above and more.

Firstly lets put the rarity of this GTR into context. From the 11,577* R34 GTRs ever produced there were only 61 Active Red (AR2)* V-specs released in Japan, which made it the rarest bar Lightning Yellow (44)*. That’s nearly 5 times less than Midnight Purple II (282)* and less than half that of Midnight Purple III (132)*

Suffice to say we had to react quickly to secure this stunning example when it came up in Japan. Its very rare to see one in this colour but its even rarer to find one in good condition and as well set up.

Quite possibly the most sought after addition to any R34 GTR is the NISMO option aerokit. In our opinion this really does transform the look of the R34 into something far more suitably aggressive.

Running close to 550bhp through a set of TRUST T517 turbos and supporting HKS mods we’d consider it close to perfect power for UK fast road use. And what better way to stop this bright red bullet than with a set of Endless brakes all round.

Further improvements have been made to the handling through TEIN HA suspension, IKEYA Formula and CUSCO components as well as a set of wide RAYS TE37s and Bridgestone Potenzas.

*Numbers courtesy of GTR Registry

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