Spoon N1 Exhaust Sub Silencer



Product Description

Product: Spoon N1 Exhaust Sub Silencer

As any true Honda fan will know, Spoon sports produce some of the most prestigious aftermarket parts for the marque. Formed in 1988, the company has always strived to provide parts that elevate the performance of the car they’re fitted to. With the majority of their parts developed on the track, “Pleasant and fun, yet very quick,” defines everything they do.

The N1 silencer is designed to reduce the noise from the N1 back box, allowing for use on tracks with strict limits on the decibel level from your exhaust. Easily fitted by bolting inside the Spoon N1 exhaust.

Application for:

  • All Spoon N1 Exhausts, excluding FN2


Additional information

Weight2 kg


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