Mitsubishi FTO Version R

The FTO (Fresh Touring Origination) was produced between 1994 and 2000. Planned to be sold only in Japan, high demand globally saw it become available in the UK.

All FTO’s were two door coupes, front wheel drive and an inline-four or transversely mounted V6 as engine choices mated to a 5-speed manual or INVECS-II semi-auto box. Pre-facelift auto models came with four-speeders whilst most facelift [1997-2000] autos had five-speeds.

In 1996 a GP model was introduced with a late update in the pre-facelift era, Soon after this update, in 1997 the face-lifted GP was overhauled as what can be regarded as the ultimate FTO, the Version R!

Freshly imported, we sourced this lovely late ‘Scotia White’ example for a UK customer using our Personal Import Service. It’s signature external feature is it’s large Version R branded rear spoiler. If you think this gives this car a bold look the interior is even bolder with its colour-coded ‘FTO’ monogrammed front seats in Blue. Two other colour variants were available from the factory. Black seats with ‘Passion Red’ body colour or red seats with ‘Pyrenées Black’ body colour.

Being one of the later models this light weight FTO was branded as an Aero GP Version R. As well as the Version R branded spoiler there is a Version R decal on the nearside of the front lip and Aero GP decal on the offside rear of the boot lid.

Mechanically this car gets the best combination for an FTO, a five speed manual gearbox and the 2000cc DOHC MIVEC 24 valve V6 engine putting out 200bhp. This engine gives the car it’s character with it’s fantastically raspy sound note. Unlike other FTO models it came with uprated suspension, 20mm front anti roll bar instead of 17mm and a 20mm rear anti roll bar rather than 18mm. A limited slip differential was also included to help translate the V6’s power through the front wheels onto the road.

In 2000 the FTO was discontinued due to new safety regulations in Japan deeming it not cost effective to be updated. As this specific car approaches 20 years old, all the more special and rarer it becomes. The period FTO, Version R and Aero GP graphics around the car really uplift the white bodywork well and represents the capsule of time this JDM car comes from.


5 thoughts on “Mitsubishi FTO Version R

  1. Good afternoon,

    I currently own my 3rd FTO and I am currently saving up to import one fresh from Japan as too many Examples in the UK Have been left neglected for years and have a combination of rust and poor welding repairs..

    Or worse they have been modified in a hideous way.

    I am wondering if you could give a rough idea how much I’d need to put aside to source an example as clean as this.

    What I’d be looking for is a manual GPX preferably in white without the electric pop up aerial, without a sunroof and without a rear Wiper.

    I know myb request is a very specific one and I’m not sure how rare that would be over in Japan but expect it would be a while to source the right car.

    As I say I’m in the process of saving and looking to budget approximately £8,000 at the moment but unsure if I’d need to stretch that as I would be planning on dealing entirely with yourselves as I admire the work and service you offer.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks for the kind words Tom. The budget you’re working with is realistic for a high quality fresh import GPX. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a message here and we can then email over a few examples that have come up recently in Japan.

  2. I have one mate. Im selling if your interested. Its jap import de limited, de cat through exhasut, lsd,lots of toys but tasteful and on 230bhp. Its immaculate

  3. Will do 🙂 its mint and has all the toys with a few tasteful upgrades. The bloke i bought it off didn’t know what it was and nor did i until i did my research. I couldn’t believe there’s only 4 on the roads in the uk!!

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