Group B RX7 coming up at auction…

Passing the thirty year mark since what is considered the golden era of rallying, Group B’s following is as strong as ever.

Quattro S1’s, Delta S4’s, T16’s, RS200’s and 6R4’s. These are the icons we know and love. A road going version nowadays collects eye watering figures.

So what if there was a factory built Group B rally car which never got a chance to prove itself out on the stages?

Mazda created such a thing based on the RX7 in 1985. Chassis MRTE 019 is the only one never to have competed, one of seven completed cars. Twenty should have been built due to rules at the time. The abrupt demise of Group B made sure that this didn’t happen.

RM auctions guide price for this original Group B is between £170k and £190k. Comparatively not a lot as opposed to other Group B vehicles.

The fact that it’s unused could reflect its guide price, a lack of history, no victories, never piloted by the hands of hero’s from the era.

Then again maybe thats where the value resides. Its success will always be a mystery. Would it have beaten the competition?

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