Electrification for all Honda cars by 2019 in Europe.

Keeping up with the times Honda have unveiled their innovative Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show which focuses on electric power this year. Honda’s concept has been received well regarding it’s looks with many suggesting the design nods back to the original Civic.

Honda insists that this car will become a reality based on the concept by 2019. However this isn’t the biggest news as Honda’s CEO, Takahiro Hachigo announced that Honda’s entire range of cars will be electrified by 2019! Honda feels that Europe’s pace of electrification is more intense than other parts of the world so this will be the initial focus.

Its encouraging to see Honda thinking out loud about the inevitable electrified future of cars. As a manufacturer they have built a successful reputation of doing things differently. To survive as a giant in the automotive industry they have to move forward.

Although this will be a big leap in a new direction is there a danger of all EV’s becoming the same? Could they lose the character that the combustion engine has provided all these years? Will Petrolhead’s become Electrichead’s?

Honda is a brand that Petrolhead’s love due to the good old days of screaming VTEC’s, 9000rpm’s and an exciting, raw, involving driving experience.

How will Honda replace this nostalgia in an electric world?

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