Dealer Cars: Nissan Sunny Truck

This fantastic looking Nissan Sunny Truck recently popped up at a dealers in Japan. A few week’s before we spotted it at the Japanese car auctions so we have an auction sheet and translation…
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Auction sheet translation…

  • 77910km
  • Exterior colour has been changed
  • GX5 headlight
  • A14 Engine 1508 cc has been modified
  • OER carburettors
  • Low back 5- speed transmission
  • HONDA standard seat
  • 86 non slip DIFF
    SSR mark III
  • Front : height adjustable suspension
  • Rear : MAZUOKA lowered leaf spring
  • TOMEI cam shaft , pulley , push rod
  • South stainless muffler
  • KAMEARI piston , valve , valve guide ,retainer , chain .
  • Engine has been changed
  • Transmission has been changed [ F4 to F5 ]
  • FRP bonnet
  • Aftermarket steering , bonnet , tachometer
  • Seat has cig burn
  • Radiator support panel has been modified
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Core support has been changed
  • Front cross member has been changed
  • Front inner panel has been repaired
  • Side member has been repaired
  • Exterior has paint uneven
  • Luggage carrier has scratch & dent
  • Rear bumper has crease
  • Exterior has small scratch & small dent

Sold at USS Nagoya for 1,865,000 JPY hammer

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