Auction Report: 30/11/16

For everyone that tuned in to our auction report last week you’ll be shocked at the hammer prices for the red R34 GTR S1 we shared considering the extent of accident repair! This week we share a Homologation special and a Spoon engined B-series but kick things off with a genuine Hakosuka GTR…

Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (Hakosuka)

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The KPGC10 is arguably at the top of all JDM fans Christmas list. The stark reality is 99% of us will be very disappointed come Christmas morning. This very rare and sought after model comes with a price tag to match. With values climbing well over £100,000 GBP even for poor examples most of us can only but dream of owning such a Japanese cult classic. All is not lost however, the little brother KGC10 comes in at less than half the cost of the GTR and looks almost identical. We’re currently restoring our own Hakosuka which we hope will be ready for show season next year.

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Honda Civic Type R (EK9)

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This EK9 really caught our eye, particularly the SPOON B18C written at the top of the auction sheet. If it does indeed house the SPOON engine then a small fortune will likely have been spent on this Type R. Its most likely been used on track and graded as an R its probably seen better days. However for anybody looking for a track car then this could quite possibly be the real deal. Full translation and hammer price next week…

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Honda S2000 Type S

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If you’re looking for a convertible for next Summer then the S2000 is a superb option. Even better is the JDM only version AP2 with the 2200cc engine, better still is the more focused Type S model with stiffer suspension, improved aero and exclusive interior. Although certain rarer cars require longer to locate, its worth bearing in mind that due to the timescales involved with importing from Japan its always best to start looking for a car around 4 months before you want to drive it away. Check back for full translation and hammer price next week…

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Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II

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With so many drawn by big power Nissan Skyline GTRs its always nice to see a high quality factory original example turn up. In this day and age its much rarer to see such an original GTR than one that’s modified and this grade 4.5B V-spec II with a genuine 47,090kms from new appears to be great representation. We expect this one to fetch 5 mill JPY plus. Keep your eyes peeled for the results next week…

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Honda Beat

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We really hope 2017 brings more Honda Beats to the UK. This ultra cool KEI car is somewhat unknown to anybody residing outside of Japan. With a 660cc engine as standard don’t expect much in the way of mind blowing 0-60 times, but do expect plenty of fun from this rear wheel drive, mid engined roller skate. With a 8500 redline we can picture these zipping in and out of city traffic. And with super strong residuals in Japan its a city car you won’t lose money on. Check back next week for full translation and hammer price…

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Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

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Most of you will be surprised to hear that the Mitsubishi Pajero Evo is a a homologation special. Released to gain entry into the Dakar Rally T2 class this is a serious piece of kit and perhaps more surprising is its relative low value when compared to other Homologation specials of the same era. Based on the past 3 months data we’d expect this grade 4B with 78,425kms to fetch around 800,000 JPY at auction but we’ll be able give you the exact figure next week…

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Last week’s auction results…



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR – S1

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Sold – 5,589,875 hammer

  • 78490km
  • Altered meter
  • 1st time in auction
  • Service book of when the car was new
  • Nismo S1 engine
  • Engine spec document exists
  • Rays alloys
  • Ohlins suspensions
  • Many Nismo parts
  • Front and rear have repair history
  • Seat and steering wheel worn
  • Right front inner panel has been replaced, corrosion at seal
  • Core support has been replaced
  • Rear panel, rear floor have been replaced
  • rear spoiler corrosion
  • right rear fender has been replaced



Nissan Fairlady Z – Nismo Edition

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Sold – 1,320,350 hammer

  • Nismo Version
  • Aftermarket nav
  • 19” alloys
  • Exhaust
  • Steering wheel – standard is loaded in the car
  • 1 owner
  • Aftermarket seat
  • 2 spare keys and nav manual
  • Steering wheel worn
  • Trim scratch and wear
  • Wheels scratch and wing mirrors scratch
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Minor scratch and dent


Toyota Supra RZ TT6 (Twin Turbo manual)

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Sold – 2,661,950 hammer 

  • RZ
  • HKS air cleaner
  • HKS exhaust
  • Aftermarket VOLK 18” alloys
  • Service record November 2016 exists
  • User’s manual and service book
  • Driver seat worn
  • Interior stain and wear
  • Wing mirrors scratch
  • Toyota GT86 (Supercharged)

Toyota GT86 (Supercharged)

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Didn’t sell, last bid was 2,518,625

  • 1 owner
  • Many aftermarket parts
  • TRD suspensions
  • Supercharger
  • Exhaust manifold
  • ECU
  • Exhaust
  • Oil cooler
  • Radiator
  • Front 4 Pot calipers
  • TRD roll cage
  • Over fenders
  • Extra gauges
  • Right side has repair history
  • Interior scratch and slight stain
  • Right front pillar was repaired
  • Right front side member edge was repaired
  • Right rear fender has been replaced
  • Fastening screw modification for over fenders exist


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition

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Sold – 2,242,700 hammer 

  • GSR Evolution 6 Tommy Makinen
  • Aftermarket HDD navi
  • Special Recaro seat
  • Fujitsubo muffler
  • HKS air cleaner
  • Extra meter
  • Standard Enkei 17inch alloys
  • Special aero
  • Brembo Calipers
  • Turbo timer
  • Battery dead
  • Carpet cig burn
  • Trim warped
  • Interior dirty & scratch
  • Exterior has had work paint
  • Underneath rusty
  • Exterior paint faded
  • Rear panel under bend
  • Front glass crack
  • Homemade stickers
  • Needs lots of paintwork


Mazda Savanna RX7

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Didn’t sell, final bid was – 426,275 hammer

  • Work Rezax 18” alloys
  • Blitz suspension
  • Front, side, rear aero
  • Mazda service records 11,13,15
  • Metal oil tube
  • Injection packing and intake manifold gasket have been replaced on March 2016 (no record)
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • Aftermarket steering wheel
  • Steering wheel and seat worn
  • Dash glue mark
  • Front has repair history
  • Front and rear fender arch modified
  • AC vent partially cracked
  • Core support partially has been replaced
  • Left front inner panel was repaired and creased
  • Wing mirrors scratch
  • Alloys scratch
  • Underneath rust


Honda Civic Type R FD2

aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5bo39xl960zn-gc5-7 aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5bo39xl96hq3-gc5-7

Sold – 1,840,000 hammer

  • Type R
  • 4 seater
  • Aftermarket TV
  • Muffler
  • HID
  • 1st auction
  • Manual/Books
  • Seat dirty
  • Snow tyre
  • Scratch on wheel


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