Auction Report: 23/11/16

The auctions have certainly picked up pace this week with a selection of very special cars on offer. Although a mere snapshot of what’s currently available the following 7 cars make this week’s auction report for their own individual qualities. We kick things off with an Omori factory special…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR – S1ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9rbqfvvhfvfw-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9rbqfvvhg47b-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9rbqfvvhh1xt-gc5-7


Perhaps unknown to many there were only 122 Active red Nissan Skyline R34 GTRs ever produced. From this already limited number only 47 were non V-specs which makes the example you see before you exceptionally rare. Furthermore this stunning looking GTR has had the Nissan Omori factory treatment and been spoilt with the sought after S1 set up. There is a catch however… its an R grade. Although we’d be the first to say the importance lies within the inspection a quick glance at the auction sheet depicts a rear quarter replacement which is a repair we’d rather avoid. There is a hint of more serious repair work too. A real shame as this otherwise looks like a very special GTR indeed. That aside we still believe it will fetch a premium. Full translation and hammer price next week…

Check our NISMO M-spec feature below…


Nissan Fairlady Z – NISMO editionaewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5b1aultvec6h-gc5-7 aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5b1aultvejvw-gc5-7 aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5b1aultvfgxe-gc5-7


Another limited number car to grace our auction report this week. The NISMO edition Fairlady is not only a rare sight in Japan but there were a handful of enhancements made over the base model Z33. Firstly the body was improved by increasing the welded area and adding additional reinforcement bars and panels. It also featured Potenza RE-01R tyres, re-tuned suspension system which included performance dampers, and new designed exterior. Rays alloy wheels, a NISMO dual exhaust system and livery kit also set this model apart. With a grading of 4B it looks like a decent example too. Check back next week for full translation and hammer price…

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Toyota Supra RZ TT6 (Twin Turbo manual)ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurysvtthmtjdnz-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurysvtthmtjlee-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurysvtthmtkifw-gc5-7


There’s no hiding the fact that TT6 Supras have received a huge amount of attention over the past few years. The demand remains strong partly due to the limited number of high quality examples available plus the fact the 2JZ is an exceptional engine! So when a grade 4.5B examples comes up at auction plenty of heads are turned including our own. We’re very keen to view this Supra in the flesh to ensure its as good as its grading suggests and with a genuine 49,651kms from new it has the potential to be a real corker. Check back next week for full details…

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Toyota GT86 (Supercharged)ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurya3qgedqbvg0-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurya3qgedqc47o-gc5-7ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglurya3qgedqd1y7-gc5-7


This GT86 makes this week’s auction report for sheer modification prowess. We’re yet to see the same level love for this model currently being shown in the US. A trip to SEMA will only highlight the sheer number of tuned GT86s stateside and we feel its only a matter of time before we see more of the same here in the UK. Although an R grade there’s some serious goodies lavished on this example including an HKS supercharger and TRD suspension. Check back next week for the full specification and hammer price…

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Editionooaybrixbw7hiyxquediaagqalurckga18ilr2t5ce0b-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxquediaagqalurckga18ilr2t5clzq-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxquediaagqalurckga18ilr2t5dj29-gc5-7


Another Passion red TME makes our auction report this week. Grade 4 and with a genuine 88,239kms from new it looks on first impressions like a worthy purchase. However grading should only be taken with a pinch of salt. We’ve seen grade 4’s with accident repair and full of rust so we always stress the importance of having an inspection undertaken in the flesh from a trusted and experienced source rather than going off the auction sheet alone. We’re anticipating a hammer of near to 3 mill JPY on this one but at the speed they’re been appreciating we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it fetched over 3 mill. Check back next week for full details…

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Mazda Savanna RX7ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9yifznndco1n-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9yifznndcvr3-gc5-7 ooaybrixbw7hiyxf0rvyosic0bxqglus9yifznnddssk-gc5-7


A car that makes our auction report on looks alone this FC3S earns a serious amount of cool points in our opinion. The retro look is very much back on many car enthusiast’s radars and this Savanna model has it in abundance. Although a genuine low mileage of 31,318kms the R grade and automatic transmission does let it down but I have to say its still a great looking model that deserves a lot more attention.

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Honda Civic Type R (FD2)aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5bo39xl960zn-gc5-7 aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5bo39xl96hq3-gc5-7 aewihqoqpvbpaqmy1kymta0wwavnn3kvy5bo39xl97erk-gc5-7


This grade 4.5B FD2 makes the cut simply due to the fact that it looks like a nice genuine example of this fantastic model. 60,170kms from new and a decent amount of Shaken remaining (Japanese MOT) adds further weight to the cause plus Vivid blue pearl is an irresistible colour in the flesh! We do expect this particular example to fetch strong money but like any cars that come up at the Japanese car auctions, you have to be in it to win it!

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Results from last weeks’s auction report…


Honda Mugen RRolv8jr5taktqgsotl0kzyvvhikofkhcerogvmet2kkdr-5jp1lltxdog0rf olv8jr5taktqgsotl0kzyvvhikofkhe6ealhx7ciov8u-5jp1lltxdog0rf

Sold – 3,715,000 hammer

  • Mugen RR
  • 4 Seater
  • 300 limited cars
  • Mugen
  • One spare key
  • RR key holder
  • Interior dirty and scratches
  • Seat little worn



Nissan Skyline R33 GTRga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjffkcoy-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr6xciqz-gc1-7


Sold – 1,898,000 hammer

  • GT-R
  • RAYS 18”alloys
  • CUSCO Suspension
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • BCNR33-004409
  • Underchassis scratch/dent
  • Exterior all painted
  • Aftermarket shift knob



Toyota Chaser Tourer Vga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjfwwx3d-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr7fedue-gc1-7


Sold – 980,000 hammer

  • Tourer V
  • Apexi cruise control
  • Aftermarket nav
  • Blitz suspension
  • LSD
  • Oil cooler
  • Blitz front mount intercooler
  • Aftermarket 18” alloys
  • Aluminum radiator
  • Apexi Power FC commander
  • AT to MT conversion
  • HKS exhaust
  • Aftermarket full aero
  • JZX100-0099972
  • Air bag warning light on
  • Oil leak
  • Wing mirrors paint faded
  • Front power windows don’t work well
  • Aftermarket steering wheel



Subaru Impreza STI Spec Cga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjffhgga-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr6xzn9b-gc1-7

Sold – 1,521,000 hammer

  • STI Spec C
  • 5 Seats
  • Aftermarket HDD nav
  • Aftermarket 17″ alloys
  • Suspension
  • Roof ventilator
  • Defi turbo meter
  • Bride driver’s seat
  • Kakimoto modify muffler
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • GDB-038268
  • AC doesn’t work
  • FW scratch
  • Inner dirty scratch
  • Underneath scratch and dent


Nissan Silvia Spec Rga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjfzemta-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr7hwsvb-gc1-7


Sold – 598,000 hammer

  • Bucket seat
  • Aftermarket manifold
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Suspension
  • Gauges
  • Clutch
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Exhaust
  • Rollbar
  • 17″ alloys
  • Tailights
  • Bonnet
  • Colour change from silver to light blue 2 tone
  • Paint uneven on bonnet, pass wing
  • Seat has wear, cig burn, dirty
  • Headlight cracked
  • Rear wiper missing
  • Boot floor, end panel, boot lid, wings replaced
  • Passenger front pillar creased
  • Driver front inner and core support bent



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