Auction Report: 8/2/17

We share our top picks from this week’s Japanese car auctions with a tasty selection of cars spanning over 45 years. We also share our findings and hammer prices from last week’s car auctions and get things going with a modern day rocket ship… the Nissan GTR NISMO edition.

Nissan R35 GTR NISMO Edition


With a start price of nearly 15 mill JPY this 2016 NISMO edition GTR is already so pricey it will make your eyes water! But even we have to admit our desire for this car-shaped missile. If the looks alone don’t have you sold then a Nurburgring lap time of 7 min 08 secs surely will. 10 lines on the Euro millions this week?

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Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition


With red Tommi Makinen Evos getting so much attention over the past 18 months we’re starting to see a real drop in numbers coming up for sale. Although this example looks far from perfect it does have some positives judging by the auction sheet. The mileage is nice and low whilst being recorded as genuine. There is shaken remaining which suggests its been used recently and its being listed as a non-accident repaired example. All this is positive, however we’l be the first to admit that this information does not equate to a quality car. There is always the chance it has in fact been in an accident and not recorded plus other more obvious issues such as running problems or corrosion. Check back next week for our findings…

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Nissan Skyline GT-X Kenmeri (KGC110)


SO MUCH WANT. This is a model that annually makes our Christmas list. Although its not the GTR version there’s very few cars as handsome as the Kenmeri. Grade 3.5 with a genuine 30,120kms from new will without doubt attract a lot of buyers. With a start price of 2.8 mill JPY it won’t come cheap but compared to the hugely expensive GTR it could be viewed as a bargain. Hammer price and translation next week…

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Toyota Sprinter


Another car that rarely sees better grading than an R, this grade 3.5 Toyota Sprinter on first impressions looks like a decent example. The mileage is higher than we usually go for but considering its over 30 years old it could quite easily be seen as reasonable, plus we’d go for quality over mileage every time. With some shaken remaining and being a pop up light model make it all the more appealing. We’ll share full details and hammer price next week…

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Subaru Impreza STI RA Spec C


We’re seeing more and more demand for the bug eye Impreza. Upon release back in the early noughties this shape got slammed by the press and was known as the ugly ducking for many years afterwards. However, it appears these opinions have faded drastically as we’re seeing a real shift towards this model. Helped by the fact this is a RA Spec C with 50,471kms from new we see a hammer price in excess of 1 mill JPY.

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Toyota Celica TA22


Another 70’s classic to make our Auction report this week the Toyota Celica TA22 above certainly has the right look. Values of these are still pretty reasonable when compared to more well known models of the same era. There are a couple of points that concern us about the auction sheet however, namely its graded as an R and although it doesn’t always necessarily equate to a bad car it is a concern. It also has a few areas of rust around the body work which could hint at further rust underside. Another good reason to have someone you trust inspect the car in the flesh!


Last week’s results…



Honda NSX


Cancelled at auction, back this week…


  • 84,341 kms
  • Grade : unknown
  • Manual transmission
  • Exterior colour changed
  • Aftermarket steering wheel
  • Air bag warning lamp on
  • No standard parts in the car
  • No standard seat
  • Transmission has been changed AT to Manual transmission
  • Power steering system has problem , heavy work . shake
  • SRS lamp on
  • Aftermarket driver seat
  • Sun visor has tears
  • Passenger seat has wear & cig burn
  • Roof liner has sagging
  • Aftermarket bonnet
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Aftermarket rear spoiler paint is faded & cracked
  • Left front fender bracket has bend
  • Trunk hood damper needs change
  • Exterior has scratch & dent & paint waving
  • Front bumper paint is faded & cracked
  • Bonnet paint is cracked
  • Front window has stonechip
  • Bonnet has been changed
  • Left & right front fender have been changed



Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec



Sold – 6,332,825 Hammer

  • GTR V-Spec
  • Speed meter has been changed in 2001y Oct 26 at 5972kms
  • Total mileage is 20087kms
  • Has documents
  • Purple
  • 4-seater
  • Trade-in vehicle
  • One owner
  • NISMO muffler
  • NISMO oil cooler
  • LED tail
  • Limited colour model
  • NISMO white speed meter
  • BNR34-006738
  • Manual book
  • Service book
  • Spare key
  • Seat has dirty & wear
  • Steering wheel has wear
  • Alloys have scratch
  • Right rear fender has been changed
  • Exterior has scratch & dent & repair marks




Honda Integra Type R



Didn’t sell, final bid was 1,534,850 hammer

  • Type R
  • 4 seater
  • One owner
  • C package
  • Recaro Seats
  • Discharge Lights
  • PC glass
  • 6 sheet of record
  • Standard aero
  • Standard alloys
  • Automatic mirror
  • Rear wiper
  • Side visor
  • Mats
  • 6 CD MD 6 speaker
  • Steering worn
  • Cig hole on seat
  • left rear fender and step changed



Subaru Impreza STI Type R


Sold, 943,025 hammer

  • STI Version WRX Type R
  • 5 seater
  • 5 speed manual
  • Interior  scratched , dirty
  • Rust in under chassis




Toyota Celica GT-Four


Didn’t sell, final bid was 690,500


  • GT-Four
  • 5 seater
  • 5 speed manual
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • 16inch alloys
  • Front fog light
  • 4WD
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Blow off valve ?
  • Please check aftermarket parts
  • Books
  • Car guarantee card
  • Steering  light worn , scratched
  • Roof liner yellow stain
  • Alloys scratched
  • Repaired mark on body
  • Front bumper  shave scratched





Honda Integra Type R


Didn’t sell, final bid was 1,057,100

  • Type R
  • 4 seater
  • Latter model
  • 1998y spec
  • Mugen muffler
  • Changed front glass moulding
  • Record book 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014
  • Spare key
  • shift knob
  • Underneath rusty part
  • Seat corner and steering worn




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