Auction Report: 2/11/16

We’ve turned our attention to a handful of less obvious cars at the Japanese car auctions this week. With high profile cars such as R34 GTRs stealing the limelight for the last few months we felt it was about time the more affordable models received some well deserved attention. We start things off with one of our favourite cars to come out of 90’s Japan…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTTofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewkqyfczt2hytr-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewkqyfczt2i6u7-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewkqyfczt2j4lo-gc5-7

The Nissan Skyline R34 GTT is a model we have a huge experience importing from Japan. Often labeled the baby brother of the GTR its a fantastic car in its own right. Powered by the robust RB25 it produces 280bhp as standard which can be pushed beyond 300bhp with simple breathing mods. For less than half the price of an R34 GTR we feel there’s still great value in the GTT but with auction prices continuing to rise in Japan its only a matter of time before they become out of reach for many. Subject to an inspection of course this grade 4B example with 48,124kms from new looks like a superb example.

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Nissan Sunny Truckacfoqjwj899w5lpdgaykifilg7ieb50asm0hzksuhdau2-gc5-7-1 acfoqjwj899w5lpdgaykifilg7ieb50asm0hzksuhdhug-gc5-7acfoqjwj899w5lpdgaykifilg7ieb50asm0hzksuhefly-gc5-7


This Sunny truck makes our picks by simply oozing cool. Powered by a 1500cc engine we’ve also seen a number of engine transplants including an SR20 at SEMA last year.We get the feeling this particular example may just stir up more demand here in the UK. Full details and hammer price next week…

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Toyota MR2 Spiderofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekboqk4y26vbi-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekboqk4y2742x-gc5-7ofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekboqk4y281tf-gc5-7

Those of you around in the 90’s will no doubt remember the Toyota MR2. Such was the popularity of this car you couldn’t attend a car show without witnessing a sea of this mid engined coupe. It was for good reason, this was a hugely fun car to drive and perhaps surprisingly its now rare to see one grace UK roads. Although the desirable NA with automatic transmission this Spider is perhaps the rarest of them all with only 92 ever produced. We’re certain this grade 4.5B example with a genuine 10,050kms will fetch 1 mill JPY plus and should it be as clean as the auction sheets suggests it will be more than worth it.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I RSofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekwbos5pc4mvy-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekwbos5pc4twd-gc5-7ofmxfqd1y1ecwihmlt9kvn9r6fi1qmqekwbos5pc5rnv-gc5-7

We love the fact classic Evos are getting lots of attention at the moment as they more than deserve it. Massively entertaining to drive the RS model adds another layer of cool to this already seriously cool Evolution. There’s very few cars that provide the same driving experience as a classic Evo and for that alone everyone should own one at some point! With values on the rise in Japan we’re not the only ones that feel the same. Hammer price and full translation in next week’s auction report…

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Mazda RX8 Spirit Rofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewleivwghyycd4-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewleivwghyyk4i-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewleivwghyzhv1-gc5-7

Sure, RX7 fans will likely have heard of the Spirit R but we’re willing to bet most won’t have heard of the RX8 Spirit R. Limited to a production number of 1000 this model had a few tweaks over the standard example including bigger brakes, a reworked engine, larger radiator, limited slip diff and revised RECARO interior. The added benefit over a UK supplied RX8 is the low taxation class coming in at around half the cost per annum!

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Honda Integra Type R
ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewjalbenuyoduy-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewjalbenuyolld-gc5-7 ofmxfqd1y1ecwihb27r1kvzn5vkzunewjalbenuypimv-gc5-7

Sometimes its just about finding the right car for the right money. From our experience this could be one of them. Grade 4B with 100,590kms from new, at first glance this 98 spec DC2 ITR looks like a viable purchase for the UK market. Obviously much will come down to our inspection and who we’re bidding against on the day but we’d like to see this car in our showroom.

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Last week’s results…

Mazda RX7 Bathurst Rocqwnyn2fmpvszxdlixcu08fozrpxnz2kbuwtknagzh3-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxdlixcu08fozrpxnz2kbuwtknagghh-gc5-7


Didn’t sell – Final bid was 2,260,000 hammer

  • Type R Bathurst R
  • 1st owner
  • Manual book
  • Has a lot of maintenance record
  • Steering wheel worn
  • Seat light worn
  • Part of the exterior has light paint faded
  • Exterior has small scratch and small dent
  • No shift knob
  • Front window has stone chip
  • Front bumper has scratch and paint faded


Nissan Skyline R34 GTR M-spec NURocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctt5pzc3cocji0-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctt5pzc3cocr9o-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctt5pzc3codoa7-gc5-7


Didn’t sell – Final bid was 8,565,000 hammer

  • GT-R Nur
  • Meter has been changed at 27,422km 26/03/2005
  • Has document, mileage is now 3,039km
  • 4 seater
  • 1 owner
  • Aftermarket navi
  • Manual book
  • Nismo Bumper
  • Nismo Bonnet
  • Nismo Skirts
  • Nismo Spats
  • Nismo Muffler
  • Seat cover worn
  • Steering wheel worn
  • Interior is light dirty
  • Alloys and side mirror scratch
  • Exterior has scratch and dent
  • Has aftermarket parts


Nissan Stagea 260RSocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctnn44y9agvgai-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctnn44y9agvnbn-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctnn44y9agwl3f-gc5-7

Didn’t sell – Final bid was 470,000 hammer

  • 260RS Autech Version
  • Changed from black to red
  • RHD
  • 5 seater
  • After market navi
  • HID light
  • Original colour code GV1
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • Front side has repair history
  • Seat and steering wheel worn
  • Inside trim and roof liner re-trim
  • Luggage room has modified
  • Attached aftermarket air suspension
  • Alloys have scratch
  • Core support and both front inside panel has crease
  • A lot of aftermarket parts modified
  • Rear tyre house cut/modified
  • Both rear wings have been modified
  • Exterior has scratch and dent and had painted
  • No rear wiper


Honda Integra Type R (DB8)ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctj6zyimrkthec-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctj6zyimrktoer-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctj6zyimrkum70-gc5-7


Sold – 910,000 hammer

  • Type R
  • Aftermarket steering wheel
  • One owner
  • Seat worn
  • Paint crack on front bumper
  • Under right step has scratch
  • Nissan R35 GTR NISMO
  • Didn’t sell – Last bid was 13,288,000 hammer


Nissan R35 GT-R Nismo Editionocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pcthehvx6xjgeto-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pcthehvx6xjgmkt-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pcthehvx6xjhjll-gc5-7


Didn’t sell – Last bid was 13,288,000 hammer

  • 4 seats
  • One owner
  • 2016 model
  • Pearl white
  • Sports setting
  • Chassis number – R35-070744
  • Spare key
  • Manual


Subaru Impreza Spec Cocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctkpbrl1rfhq7x-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctkpbrl1rfhxxc-gc5-7 ocqwnyn2fmpvszxs1wft9rybofup2pctkpbrl1rfiuyu-gc5-7


Sold – 2,870,000 hammer

  • STi Spec C
  • GVB-007069
  • 30980 km
  • 6-speed manual
  • Black
  • Service record
  • Manual  book
  • HID headlight
  • Service record for … 2013y 2014y 2015y 2016y
  • Standard 18-inch alloys
  • Back camera
  • STI Recaro seat
  • Spare key
  • Aftermarket navigation
  • Driver seat has wear
  • Alloy wheel has scratch
  • Exterior has scratch & dent & repaired marks
  • Front bumper has scratch
  • Left rear panel has been painted

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