Auction Report: 19/10/16

At the Japanese car auctions this week we have big powered skylines, a super low mileage Supra, a triple rotor 90’s icon and a 660cc mid engined KEI car plus much more! Let’s get things started with a 2800cc stroked R34 GTR…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec II

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With R34 GTRs dominating the Japanese performance car scene at present we were hesitant in further adding to this bias. However this V-spec II swiftly changed our mind. From a quick glance at the auction sheet we can already determine this has some serious upgrades including a 2.8l conversion and a TRUST T98 turbo conversion. Full details of this monster next week.

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Toyota Supra RZ

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If all is as it appears this will be a cracking opportunity for those looking for a top notch TT6 Supra. Grade 4.5B and only 16,281kms from new we suspect this has spent its life as a garage queen. With values for decent TT6s as they are we’d expect this one to fetch a serious premium!

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Mazda RX7 Type R

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We picked this RX7 purely for its presence. 10+ years ago it wasn’t uncommon to witness heavily modified RX7s at car shows across the UK. Nowadays its much more of a rare sight. We say… “bring back the good old days!”

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Honda NSX

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This NA1 NSX made the cut simply from being in rare pearl yellow. Unfortunately this example is an R grade and also an automatic transmission which we’re less enthusiastic about on this particular 90’s icon. There’s no denying the beauty of the colour though!

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Honda S660

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This is a model we feel should be released in the UK. Not only for the fact we’ve had a number of calls from customers who want one imported but also from a number of reviews we’ve seen to date. This little mid engined Honda really reminds of the Honda Beat. We’ll hopefully see one on UK soil soon!

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Mazda Cosmo Eunos

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The Mazda Cosmo 20B is a car we’ve always admired. Understated but classy this 90’s model probably hasn’t received the attention it deserves. Under the bonnet you’ll find a twin turbocharged triple rotor producing 300hp. Silky smooth and a break from the norm we’d love to see more of these rolling around the streets in the UK!

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Previous auction report results…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR M-spec NUR

nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtr3iam73ckolco-gc5-7 nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtr3iam73ckosdt-gc5-7

Didn’t sell – Final bid was 9,365,000 hammer 

  • Nismo Z tune front bumper
  • Nismo front fender
  • Nismo R tune carbon hood
  • Nismo S ture suspension kit
  • Nismo veldina NE-1 muffler
  • Nismo LMGT4 alloys
  • R35 GTR brake system brake upgrade
  • R35 GTR Rotors
  • R35 Pads
  • door mirror has scratch
  • seat has small crease

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Subaru Impreza STI TS NBR (RA)

nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtr3olaqreopp7z-gc5-7 nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtr3olaqreopwxe-gc5-7


Didn’t sell – Final bid was 3,665,000 hammer

  • August 2013
  • 6-speed manual
  • 1 owner
  • Limited Edition of 300 made
  • Limited colour
  • RECARO seats
  • NBR challenge package
  • Auction will send user’s manual and spare key
  • Half leather seats
  • Seats are slightly worn

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10

nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtqsquevnmmnrzo-gc5-7 nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtqsquevnmmnz14-gc5-7


Sold – 1,670,000 hammer 

  • October 2007
  • 5-speed manual
  • 1 owner
  • Trade-in
  • HKS suspension
  • HKS air cleaner
  • Aftermarket 18”alloys
  • Defi meter
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • Aftermarket sports cat
  • ECU
  • BLITZ throttle controller
  • Varis aero
  • Kenwood HDD nav
  • Driver seat is worn and has scrape and tear
  • Steering wheel is worn
  • Interior has stain and scratch
  • Alloys have scratches
  • Aftermarket side mirrors
  • Aftermarket tail lights
  • Emission leak from exhaust
  • Bonnet vent is faded

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Toyota Celica GT4 (S205)

nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtquj28erols4yl-gc5-7 nizt1ghkjwlvtwf6ilqgpadckgtquj28erolsbpq-gc5-7


Sold – 470,000 hammer 

  • 4WD
  • Manual
  • 5 seater
  • OZ 17inch alloys
  • Blitz muffler
  • Rear spoiler
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Aftermarket air cleaner
  • DEFI boost meter
  • After market quick shift
  • Steering wheel worn
  • Seat has small sagging
  • Exterior has scratch and dent
  • Rear gate has had painted and paint crack
  • Rear bumper has scratch

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Datsun Sunny TS Special



Didn’t sell – Final bid 1,520,000 hammer

  • December 1978
  • Body colour changed
  • Mileage : 97,783 km
  • TS special edition
  • Circle headlights, first model
  • Solex exhaust muffler
  • A lot of remodelling
  • RECARO bucket seat
  • 5 point roll gauge 
  • Front and rear SSR alloys
  • Spare 13” tyre
  • Cooler belt needs replacing
  • Roof liner has been cut
  • Dashboard has crack
  • Floor member has dent
  • Underneath has rust and corrosion
  • Rear spoiler crack
  • Engine room has pant mark
  • Exterior has scratch and dent and paint wave
  • Part of inside trim has paint faded
  • Front bumper has crack
  • Passenger door has pant warped

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Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

5yqt64piibk6w6qffqclpqrgeujijijvexwpo4ni3-gc5-7-2 5yqt64piibk6w6qffqclpqrgeujijijvexwpo4uih-gc5-7-2 5yqt64piibk6w6qffqclpqrgeujijijvexwpo5s0z-gc5-7


Didn’t sell – Final bid 3,790,000 hammer

  • GTR
  • Speed meter has been changed
  • NISMO meter at 19057km (has documents )
  • NISMO 320km/h speed meter
  • One owner
  • Intercooler
  • SR muffler
  • HKS air cleaner
  • Auction house will send , Shift knob 
  • A part of interior has dirty
  • Exterior has small scratch & small dent
  • Left side body has been painted
  • Right rear panel has been painted

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  1. I’m after a Nissan skyline gtr r32
    modified or not..
    white if possible or whatever.
    nismo im looking for.
    v spec 2 .etc
    hope to hear from you soon.

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