Auction Report: 16/11/16

In this week’s Japanese car auction report we begin proceedings with a car we’re huge fans of… the Honda Mugen RR. We also report back some interesting findings from last week’s auctions!

Honda Mugen RR

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We love a Mugen RR! This grade 4 example with 43,925kms from new will surely attract plenty of interest given its rarity. Check our Mugen RR review below…

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

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With the recent surge in R32 & R34 GTR values the R33 is predicted to follow as it nears 25 years and being available to the US market. We’ve already seen a recent spike but believe there’s more price increases to follow. This grade 4B, low mileage R33 looks like a good example on paper so will be interesting to see how it performs at auction. Check back next week…

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Toyota Chaser Tourer V

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We’ve seen an increased appetite for the Toyota Chaser in recent months. The 1JZ is a fabulous engine and this is most likely the biggest draw for many. The main problem we find when searching for customers is finding a genuine high quality example. Popular with drifters many have had bumps and bruises and generally feel more worn than we’d like.

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Subaru Impreza STI Spec Cga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjffhgga-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr6xzn9b-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2h3n58b6gmjmo47mquusxez4h1rk1lwvy3ukkckj-gc1-7

What’s better than a Hawkeye STI? A widetrack Spec C of course! In all seriousness the STI is a superb car in its own right but there’s something just that little bit more special with the lightweight Spec C. Exclusive to the Japanese domestic market demand remains strong on this model and this particular Hawkeye will undoubtedly attract lots of attention.

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Nissan Silvia Spec Rga5rkm2w2gyhnotwyzueyipkygoft8wmv7ah2oaxqjfzemta-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2gbznbe5q35jtxjcjccljqwf2yh32hmgyr7hwsvb-gc1-7 ga5rkm2w2h3n58b6gmjmo47mquusxez4h1rk1lwvy3udrixj-gc1-7

Although not necessarily to everyone’s taste this S15 Spec R could come in at a reasonable price given the results of last week’s S15 that went through USS Tokyo (details below). Whether its modified for street or track use remains to be seen but it certainly makes a visual statement!

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Last week’s auction results…



Nissan Skyline Kenmeri

211850641_b662aa 211850642_d92cc7

Didn’t sell, final bid was 4,612,925 JPY

  • GT-X
  • 51,581km 
  • Colour change to white
  • Unknown original colour
  • Solex carb
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Muffler
  • WATANABE alloys
  • Meter has been changed
  • Engine and Transmission has been changed
  • Something was removed bottom of audio
  • Rear has repair history
  • Interior worn, dirty, tears and has screw hole
  • Dashboard cracked
  • Carpet tears and some of them missing
  • Rust underneath and has paint mark
  • Trunk has paint mark
  • Inner lining carpet missing?
  • Rear panel and rear floor strain
  • Alloys paint faded
  • Front cross member modified
  • Oil leak
  • Core support has modified hole
  • Front bumper paint faded




Nissan Silvia S14

0006 0007

Sold – 699,000 hammer

  • K’s Model
  • 144,847 km
  • Body colour has been changed to pink
  • 2 seater
  • Aftermarket alloys
  • Wide body
  • Aero
  • Bonnet
  • Aero mirror
  • Sideskirts
  • Front spoiler
  • GT wing
  • Facelift model
  • Clear headlights
  • Red & white taillights
  • Full bucket seat x 2
  • 8 point roll gauge
  • Rear pillar bar
  • Front & rear tower bar
  • Gullwing kit OKACHAN tape
  • Blitz SBC
  • Auto meter
  • Rev counter
  • Stainless exhaust outlet
  • Stainless dual pipe
  • Trust wastegate
  • Stainless muffler
  • Z32 Mass airflow sensor
  • Aftermarket turbine
  • Sard 550cc injectors
  • Large fuel pump
  • Tomei cams
  • Locker arm stopper
  • Metal head gasket
  • ECU ROM rewrite
  • 2 x electric fans
  • Aluminum pulley
  • Blitz front mount intercooler
  • Aluminum radiator
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Stainless brake hose’s
  • Nismo brackets
  • Pillow tension rods
  • Nismo Lower arms
  • Tie rod ends
  • Front & rear stabilizer
  • Unrated clutch
  • Rear member support bar
  • LSD
  • Rear upper arms
  • Traction rod
  • Front & rear R32 GT-R
  • R32 special differential gearbox 
  • Rear seats need to check
  • AC gas has been changed for R134a
  • A lot of remodeling
  • No audio
  • No carpet and no part of inside trim
  • Inside trim has paint mark
  • Rear panel and rear floor has had painted and body repaired and bent
  • Seat cut and repaired
  • Aftermarket steering wheel worn
  • Aero scratch and crack
  • Rear wing has cut and modified
  • Battery relocated
  • Core support and cross member and part of passenger front inside panel has been changed
  • Driver front inside panel has modified hole and bent
  • Passenger front side member has bent
  • Front window has stone chip
  • Exterior has scratch and dent and had painted
  • No spare tyre
  • Both wings attached by tie band


Nissan Sunny

0003 0004

Sold – 726,000 hammer 

  • Coupe
  • Unknown mileage : 5 digit meter
  • Body colour has been changed to orange
  • LHD
  • 5 seater
  • Aftermarket Watanabe 13inch alloys
  • Aftermarket front spoiler and rear spoiler
  • 1st auction
  • Grey import
  • RECARO aftermarket semi bucket seat
  • Aftermarket steering wheel
  • SV twin carburettor
  • Distributor
  • Engine : A12
  • Aftermarket rear shock absorber
  • LSD
  • Has caution plate
  • Front and rear has repair history
  • Driver and passenger seat has cut about 5cm
  • Interior trim worn and cut and dirty
  • Dashboard and other has modified
  • Alloys has scratch and worn
  • Core support and driver front inside has bent
  • Rear panel has been body repaired and bent
  • Rear floor bent
  • Grade 2 because it has corrosion hole
  • Passenger centre floor panel has corrosion hole
  • Each part rust and corrosion hole and attached by tape
  • Driver door has tape
  • Driver side step has big corrosion hole
  • No spare tyre
  • Rear gate has paint faded
  • Back panel has paint crack
  • Passenger door has big corrosion hole and has tape and paint faded


Nissan R35 GTR (NISMO lookalike)

211844641_d0a9ad 211844642_07e35a

Sold – 4,965,875 hammer 

  • Documented meter changed car
  • 39,768km 
  • 2014 model front bumper
  • lights
  • LED daylights
  • Rear reflector
  • HDD nav
  • Reverse camera
  • Hasemi sports aero (front, side, rear)
  • Varis GT wing 
  • 004042
  • Books and spare key
  • Meter was changed on March 14 2015, when the mileage was 355000km. (record exists)
  • The current mileage display is 4268km so 39,768 total
  • Engine and Transmission setting was adjusted on March 17, 2013.
  • Multi function motor was replaced by recall (no record)
  • RAYS 20” (Diamond black)
  • Eibach suspensions (spring)
  • Valenti LED tail light
  • Seat and steering wheel worn
  • Left rear tyre house outer was repaired


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition

211844161_106e11 211844162_06147d

Sold – 2,295,775 hammer

  • GSR Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen
  • 27221km
  • 5 seater
  • Auction debut
  • One owner
  • Has maintenance document
  • HID
  • RALLIART muffler
  • Standard Recaro seat
  • Aftermarket Apexi Power FC commander
  • Manual
  • Seat worn & dirty
  • Roof inner dirty
  • Alloys scratch
  • Underneath rusty
  • Exterior has scratch
  • Front glass stone chip


Honda Prelude Type S

211762015_5313a1 211762016_b26ce9

Sold – 604,000 hammer

  • SiR type S VTEC
  • Carrozzeria HDD nav
  • TEIN suspensions
  • MOMO steering
  • Driver bucket seat
  • Rear spoiler
  • User’s manual, service record, spare key
  • Standard seat and steering are loaded in the car
  • Interior and exterior have been cleaned.
  • Suspension spanner missing
  • Left power wing mirror doesn’t work well
  • SRS warning light on
  • Seat wear
  • Underneath rust
  • Steering worn
  • Alloys scratch


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