Auction Report: 15/2/17

This week sees us share yet another selection of superb Japanese metal along with the results from last week’s auctions. Appropriately picked a day after Valentine’s day we start things with a stunning Red GTR…

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

With R32 & R34 GTRs stealing the limelight for many a year we thought it was high time the R33 got a look in. What better way to make an entrance than with this stunning series 3 in Super Clear Red. Graded as a 4B with a documented mileage of 33,385kms from new we’re expecting masses of interest in this example. If its as good as it looks on paper then we anticipate a hammer price north of 3 mill JPY. Question is, will the inspection uncover any gremlins?

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Toyota Sprinter GT (AE86)


With the odometer currently sitting on 17,234kms, this is without doubt the lowest verified mileage AE86 we’ve seen in years. On first impressions it looks as clean as the mileage should suggest so this will inevitably be the subject of mass hysteria amongst AE86 fans. Its possibly not the most sought after shape but we feel this won’t deter potential buyers too much. Expect a big hammer price then, we’re guessing in the region of 2.5 mill JPY+. Check back next week for translation and results…



Nissan Skyline GT (Hakosuka)


We’re big fans of Japanese classic cars and the Hakosuka has always been one of our firm favourites. Although we’re talking about the GT (KGC10) rather than the GTR (KPGC10) in this instance there’s plenty to love about this model. Firstly has to be the cost, at well under half the price its a great way to own a slice of this Japanese icon without having to sell your home. Given their age the chances of finding an accident free example is understandably greatly reduced so this grade 3.5 is somewhat of a rarity. Expect a hammer over 3.5 mill should the inspection live up to expectations…

Subaru Impreza R205


You’ll be forgiven for not knowing much if anything about the R205. With a plethora of Impreza models released over the past 25 years its easy to see how! Exclusive to the Japanese domestic market the R205 was released in a limited number of 400 units. Based on the Spec C it sees improvements to the suspension (stiffer), braking (6 pot front & 4 pot rear) and power (316bhp). At around 4.5 mill JPY when new these are still fetching over 3 mill JPY at auction. Being a grade 4.5B with 57,000kms our guide price would be 3 mill JPY hammer…



Subaru Legacy (Tuned by STI)


This Legacy makes our auction report this week due to it being the lesser known Tuned by STI model. This tweaked version of the Spec B (BP5) is far less common and comes in WR Blue which is exclusive to this model. With shaken remaining and grade as 4B this will likely be a nice example, however we always let our inspections do the talking before bidding. Check back next week for full details…





Last week’s auction results…

Nissan R35 NISMO edition

Sold – 16,841,375 Hammer

  • 4-seat
  • 1 owner
  • First time in auction
  • 2017 model
  • Half leather
  • Specialised carbon back bucket seat
  • Exterior has scratches
  • Body glass coating with record 2016/12/3
  • Under front bumper has scratches
  • Sports resetting warranty card
  • Instruction manual and warranty
  • Spare key


Mitsubishi Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition


Sold – 2,227,100 Hammer

  • Limited Colour Package
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Aftermarket shift knob
  • RECARO seat
  • BLITZ turbo timer
  • Interior dirty & worn
  • Interior sig burn
  • Door mirror scratch
  • Exterior has paint faded
  • Exterior has had work paint
  • Front bumper big scratch
  • Bonnet paint faded
  • Front glass stone chip
  • Rear bumper paint faded


Nissan Skyline GT-X Kenmeri (KGC110)


Cancelled, back at auction this week

  • GT-X
  • 30,120 kms
  • Exterior color changed (I do not know original color )
  • 5 seater
  • Solex 44Φ
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold
  • Trust dual muffler
  • Front / rear height adjustable suspension
  • Aluminum radiator
  • GTR look
  • WATANABE 15-inch alloys
  • Bucket seat
  • KGC110-026097
  • No audio [ has hole ]
  • Roof liner has dirty & sagging
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Seat has cig burn & tears
  • Exterior paint is warped & cracked
  • Exterior has corrosion repaired marks
  • Front bumper has some screw hole
  • Door mirror missing , has mount hole
  • Left visor missing
  • Rear board missing
  • Underneath has been painted & rust
  • Tail around has dent


Toyota Sprinter


Didn’t sell – Final bid 1,344,725

  • 186,079 kms
  • Red
  • 5-seater
  • Driver seat is RECARO seat
  • WATANABE alloys
  • NARDI steering wheel
  • TRD shift knob
  • FUJITSUBO muffler
  • 4 throttle carburetor
  • Aftermarket exhaust manifold
  • Digital meter
  • Aftermarket CPU
  • Front aftermarket height adjustable suspension
  • Rear aftermarket suspension
  • Aftermarket LSD
  • Aftermarket aero bumper (front)
  • Has many aftermarket parts
  • No standard parts
  • AE86-5074494
  • Dashboard has crack & has sheet
  • Interior has dirty
  • Underneath has rust & dent & scratch
  • Left radiator support panel has bend
  • Wheel has scratch
  • Rear seat has tears
  • Exterior has scratch & dent
  • Exterior has been all repainted by same colour
  • Front bumper has paint crack



Subaru Impreza STI RA Spec C


Didn’t sell, Final bid was 806,525

  • WRX STi RA Spec C
  • 5-seater
  • 2 SPARCO bucket seats
  • Work emotion 17 alloys
  • Suspension (OHLINS)
  • CUSCO (Diff, stabilizer, lower arm, tower bar and other parts attached)
  • HID headlamp
  • One owner
  • Roof ventilator
  • Spare key and key tag
  • Dealer’s record for 2005 to 2015 every year
  • STI transmission mount and other parts attached
  • Interior worn, dirty and glue residue
  • Door mirror and alloy scratched
  • Suspension has traces of painting
  • Each scratch and dent repaired
  • Rocker panel modified
  • Passenger wing refitted
  • Driver and passenger wing refitted
  • Paint irregular on driver quarter



Toyota Celica TA22

Didn’t sell, Final bid was 1,411,025

  • TA22
  • Mileage question
  • Color changed to white
  • Speed star mark 2
  • 14 inch alloys (F185/55-14 R195/55-14
  • Aftermarket momo steering wheel
  • Momo shift knob
  • Front chin spoiler
  • Rear spoiler
  • Mar 2016 has record
  • Bought from private user
  • Meter question record Nov2012 at 41000km
  • Auction record
  • EG 2T(1600)→2TG(1600)DOHC
  • Changed 4 speed manual to 5 speed manual
  • Weber 40Φ
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Front suspension
  • Rear reinforce suspension
  • Rear fender edge modified
  • Step cover
  • Wood design paint
  • Attached cooler but it doesn’t work
  • Front has repair mark
  • Color changed
  • Meter question car
  • Right front inner panel , core support and right front side member has repaired and bend
  • Missing jack
  • Rear panel repaired and crease
  • Underneath paint
  • Steering worn
  • Rear seat has repaired 15cm mark
  • Inner trim tear  sagging
  • Missing passenger door lamp
  • Repaired cig hole
  • Front mirror
  • Paint crack on bonnet
  • Crack on winker


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