Auction Report: 13/12/16

An early edition of our auction report this week brings a number of JDM performance car icons to the party. We also share last week’s auction results including the infamous NISMO 400R many will already be aware of. We kick things off with one of our faves, the Honda NSX…

Honda NSX

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A firm favourite here at Torque GT the NSX is a 90’s engineering masterclass. Even by todays standards the build quality would put some exotic and prestige models to shame. Make no mistake this is a proper sports car that can driven daily. This grade 4.5B example with a genuine 71,560kms from new looks on first impressions to be worth a close look. Housing the must have manual transmission we anticipate a hammer price of around 4.5 mill JPY. Check our latest feature of the brilliant NSX-R below…



Nissan Silvia Spec R (Rocket Bunny)

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The Rocket Bunny styling always sparks controversy. Loved by many and despised by an equal number there’s no denying the visual statement these bodykits make. Although I can appreciate the undeniable presence of this car, personally I prefer the original lines of the S15. This example is graded R which could be down to something minor but there’s just as much chance it could have been in a serious impact. This as always is the importance of a physical inspection prior to the auction taking place. Full details and hammer price next week…

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Mazda RX7 Spirit RA

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The Mazda RX7 Spirit RA is considered the Holy Grail model amongst FD3S fans. Limited to a production number of 1500, 1000 of which were Type As. Carbon RECARO seats, BBS alloys, rear storage compartments and exclusive suspension were all fitted from the factory. This high grade example with exceptionally low mileage is one for the collector. We still believe this model is currently undervalued and this particular Spirit R could be a fantastic opportunity to grab a piece of rotary history.

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Subaru Impreza S204

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Another highly sought after model by Subaru enthusiasts the S204 is a limited model exclusive to the Japanese domestic market. With only 600 in total released its very rare to see these in the UK let alone Japan. It not just about limited numbers however, this hawkeye model boasted a pioneering suspension set up and beautiful carbon black RECARO seats worth close to £3000. As a grade 4B with lovely low miles we’ll be watching this one very closely. Full details next week…

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Toyota Starlet GT

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This is without question the lowest Toyota Starlet GT we’ve ever seen. With a genuine 11,890kms from new its barely been run in! From the auction sheet alone it appears to need a little bit of cosmetic improvement but its certainly nothing serious give its age. Being a lesser sought after model than many of the obvious JDM cars such as GTRs this could well come in at a reasonable figure. Drop us a line if you’re interested in getting it inspected and bidding. Failing that, check back next week for full details…

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition

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Tommi Makinen editions have firmly made the limelight as of late. This is mainly due to the sudden surge in values, particularly the Passion red version but alternative colours are certainly a worthwhile consideration given the substantial savings on offer. Although a grade 3 there is a chance that all thats needed is a some bodywork attention on this low mileage TME. Check back next week for details on our inspection…

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Last week’s auction results…

Nissan Skyline NISMO 400R

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Car was cancelled  – Start bid was 6,800,000 

  • 4 seats
  • Limited edition car
  • True mileage
  • Manual and books will be sent
  • Records for 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005
  • Driver door mirror not working
  • Rear seat faded
  • Alloys rusty
  • Steering wheel worn – signs of having had a steering wheel cover
  • Rust underneath, some parts painted
  • Exterior has been repainted
  • Parts of engine bay have been painted, repairs around seals
  • Front window stonechip/scratches
  • Headlight cloudy


Full report on this NISMO 400R coming soon…

Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec

214327770_164ea9 214327771_e0f522214327769_378fb5

Sold – 5,321,750 Hammer 

  • V-Spec
  • Altered speedo
  • 5 speed manual
  • HKS 2.8 kit
  • Trust T78 turbo
  • Trust inter cooler
  • Sard cat
  • HKS F-con V-pro
  • Tomei camshaft
  • Tabata aluminium radiator
  • HKS oil cooler
  • Veilside Titan muffler
  • Sard Injector
  • Sard collector tank
  • Sard fuel regulator
  • HKS Boost controller
  • ATS Twin clutch
  • Aftermarket suspension
  • Aftermarket 5 speed manual
  • Cusco upper arm
  • Order made  oil cooler
  • Front Brembo caliper
  • Aftermarket navigation
  • Bride seat in passenger
  • Seat  light worn
  • Interior trim scratched
  • Roof liner  dirty
  • Alloys scratched
  • Door mirror scratched
  • Rusty in under chassis
  • Front bumper  shave scratched
  • Driver step  paint crack
  • Passenger step  shave scratched




Honda Civic Mugen RR


Sold – 4,044,500 Hammer 

  • 4 seats
  • 6 speed manual
  • Limited 300 cars
  • Semi bucket seat
  • 18inch alloys
  • 3-gauge cluster
  • Car guarantee card
  • Battery flat
  • Aftermarket steering wheel? light worn
  • Seat  light worn
  • Door mirror scratched
  • Bonnet has adjust mark


Nissan Sunny Truck

214285550_b60063 214310556_5d8570 214285549_517fa9

Sold – 445,775 Hammer 

  • Long wheel base
  • Model type = L-GB122 Modified
  • Changed to Gunmetal
  • 2 seats
  • 4 speed manual
  • A lot of aftermarket parts installed in the car
  • Aftermarket both seat
  • Interior  light worn , dirty , paint mark
  • Paint mark , corrosion in cargo area
  • Aftermarket muffler
  • Rust , corrosion in underneath
  • Corrosion hole in centre floor
  • Body has been painted
  • Aftermarket audio
  • Radiator core support has cut by modified
  • Front bumper  paint crack , faded
  • Passenger quarter paint crack




Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V Spec II

214149777_c39b74 214151408_1ec514 214149776_cdd192

Sold – 4,297,450 Hammer 

  • V-Spec 
  • Documented speedo change
  • Meter changed when 9819km
  • 4 seats
  • 5 speed manual
  • BBS alloys
  • Brembo Caliper
  • Nismo muffler
  • Aftermarket navigation
  • A/C switch was moved to other place
  • Seat  light worn
  • Paint mark on under chassis


Subaru Impreza Spec C

214284419_f6e4c2 214309589_82963b 214284418_2ec2d5

Sold – 2,436,725 Hammer 

  • STI Spec C
  • 5 seat
  • 6 speed manual
  • Half leather seats
  • STI lip spoiler
  • Standard SD navigation , TV
  • Standard 18inch alloys
  • Interior scratched
  • Seat  light worn
  • Repaired mark on body
  • Alloys scratched
  • Modified hole in front bumper


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