$543,000 NSX GT3 & possible NSX-R on the Horizon…

Some customer racing teams could be in for a treat. The hardcore Acura NSX GT3 race car has come up for sale with a hefty price tag of $543,000 USD. To put that figure into perspective a Mercedes-AMG GT4 can cost $238,000 (€198,850).

Covering 50,000 miles on track whoever purchases this track specialist will be able to participate in more than two dozen FIA-approved racing series around the world.

Exposed carbon fibre body, production-based 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 racing engine, 6-speed sequential-shift racing gearbox and power through the rear wheels. These ingredients have assisted this GT3 to two race wins.

However if you’re not a customer racing team but yearn for a special NSX you may consider yourself out of luck. Don’t give up just yet, rumour has it there may be a faster alternative to the standard NSX. A sub three second car could be on the cards!

Spy video footage has emerged online showcasing a new NSX prototype running some tests around the Nordschleife alongside the current model.

We can’t help getting excited that a new NSX-R maybe on the horizon. Could it be a stripped out back to basics weapon like the NA1 NX-R Senna helped develop or will it push the hybrid technology further?


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